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In this second video on understanding weight shift in the golf swing, I discuss specifically the "right hip line" and how understanding what it is will help you understand how the weight shift and hips work in the golf swing. For many golfers, they will find that this simple video helps them understand why they've always struggled with getting into the proper, powerful position at the top. Unfortunately, numerous golf instructors teach their students how to do the exact incorrect movements I demonstrate in the video and it has hurt many golfers games and their wallets. This video will dispel some of those myths and show you to properly transfer your weight for maximum power and efficiency.

Video Practice Points
  • Look at your own swing on video to see if you're maintaining the right hip line
  • Some golfers work so hard to stay centered they get off the hip line and shift their weight forward
  • For serious golfers, weight shift is the key to staying on the hip line
  • Shift your weight 1-2 inches to the right, rotating at the same time to load into the right glute
  • Make sure you're not just pivoting your hips, but rotating the right leg in its hop socket
  • This internal rotation should create a crease in your pants across the right hip

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