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How To Practice Golf

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How do I practice is the most common question I hear and this video helps you understand how to make the most of your practice time.

Video Practice Points
  • Practicing in slow motion at first allows your brain to learn new movement patterns correctly
  • Once a movement is mastered in slow motion, try it at faster speeds to see where it begins to break down - then work on that speed
  • New movements are learned sequentially - don't skip around!
  • Practice somewhere quiet with minimal distractions

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How to Practice Golf

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How to Practice

Living in Windermere, FL, I’ve had the unique opportunity to play and practice alongside some of golf’s greatest. But through all those experiences, only one sticks out in my mind as being truly profound.

One day while warming up on the range at Isleworth, I noticed Tiger Woods was working on his takeaway. Now, this was back around 2006 when he was making radical changes to his swing with Hank Haney, so there was a lot of work to be done and I was eager to see him hit some shots with his new swing. But, after 15 minutes, he still hadn’t hit a single ball.

As I went about my own warm-up routine, I got through my entire bag and was now hitting driver and he was still standing on the corner of the range doing nothing but the takeaway. It was almost like he was in a trance. He had a whole bag of brand new Nike balls sitting there, why wouldn’t he hit one?

This went on for over 45 minutes. Tiger taking the club to the end of the takeaway, checking the position, then back to address. After 45 minutes of this, he finally took a full swing and sent the ball off with a mighty crack. Then, immediately he went back to drilling.

At this point, I had to go tee off. As Tiger continued to drill this one simple move, it hit me just how profound this was. No one in the history of the game has been able to successfully change their golf swing as radically as Tiger has and continue to play at the high level, even during the changes.

What was happening is Tiger was working through the process of neuro-muscular re-education. It is through this process of repetition and what author of the Talent Code Dan Coyle referred to as “Deep Practice” that has allowed Tiger to make massive changes to improve his swing.

This one experience provoked me to completely rethink how I taught the golf swing. I knew there was much more to the art and science of practicing and I had just witnessed it first hand from the game’s best. This lead to the birth of the RST online learning system. It was designed completely around this very process that Tiger Woods uses and is used by physical therapists in the medical industry to rehabilitate stroke victims and injuries.

It is this process of how the brain learns new movement patterns that has allowed RST to be the leading online golf instruction system in the world and now, for the first time, you’re going to experience it for yourself in our 5 minutes to…. Video series.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that if you’re not currently working on your golf swing the way these videos are laid out, you are literally wasting your time working on your swing as you’re simply not communicating with your brain in a way that it understands.

But, when you’re ready to make lasting, significant changes, the RST system communicates to your brain a very specific and unique way that is unlike anything in golf instruction. Our process of neuro-muscular reeducation and stacking techniques will blow your mind at how quickly you can make a change in your golf swing – even if it’s something that you’ve struggle with your entire life!

Are you ready to make real, lasting and dramatic changes to your golf swing and stop wasting your time? 

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"I think he's come very close to a golf swing model that appears to be ideal...It's a big muscle, motor-driven swing that's repeatable...You don't have to be a super athlete."

-Dr. Jeffrey Broker, Assoc. Prof. in Biomechanics at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Former Senior Biomechanist for U.S. Olympics Committee

"I started playing at 70 years old, at the beginning I was scoring around 100 plus... Following the RST 5 Step System my scores are in the 80 to 86 range. I am out-hitting guys in their 40's and 50's, thanks to you and your system. My back or other muscles never ache, nor am I tired after 18 holes. I am so glad I found your technique and system."

-Hub Orr - Happy PREMIUM MEMBER of RotarySwing.com

"I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing...The website is without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the internet."

-Sam Jarman, PGA Golf Instructor in the UK


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