Why Golf Is So Hard!

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Finally! The answer to why so many otherwise good athletes struggle with golf! If you've asked yourself why you're good at other sports but just can't figure out golf, this video is for you!

Video Practice Points
  • Golf is hard primarily for one simple reason
  • You can overcome this reason with the drills in this video
  • For once you'll understand why you've struggled!

Why golf Is hard

A lot of things in the game of golf have changed over the past two decades. The evolution in equipment has been astounding. The driver heads can be precision made to move the center of gravity around to change launch conditions with millimeter precision. Compare this to the days where you just hoped the tree your head was made from was a healthy one!

Graphite shafts can now be made to shift flex points and change weight distribution to accommodate different swing releases and desired ball flights. And then there’s the ball itself. Perhaps nothing has seen a great improvement in consistency, distance and control than the golf ball. Multi-layer balls that spin different rates with different swing speeds allow the golfer to practically tell the ball to fly a certain way and it will listen.


The pros have leveraged this technology to the point that nearly any of them can hit a 300 yard drive now and then, with many of them doing it regularly. However, the poor, average golfer’s handicap has remained virtually unchanged even given these remarkable improvements in technology. With the golf manufacturers offering you one new driver after the next and irons (with jacked up lofts) promising to help you hit your 7 iron further than the one in the set they just sold you 6 months ago, why is it that no one has bothered to look at the real problem – golf instruction.

If you haven’t improved with all the advancements in equipment, then you simply need to look at the way you’re swinging the club as a fault – it’s NOT the club’s fault – and it may not even be yours. If you’re taking golf lessons and being given the wrong information, you shouldn’t expect to improve and can expect to get worse which is all too common in the golf instruction world.

So, to fix this problem once and for all, you’re going to have to swallow a bitter pill. No matter what the equipment manufacturers tell you, your crappy swing will always produce a slice no matter what driver they put in your hands. And believe it or not, it really comes down to one MAJOR problem that the vast majority of all golfers struggle with. Are you ready?


In the downswing anyway – the time that it matters. The problem is that the vast majority of golfers are right handed playing from the left side of the ball. Because of this, they completely overuse their dominant and more coordinated right hand and this is exactly the number one cause of coming over the top. (Check out this video to see the eye opening difference and stop coming over the top once and for all.)

The reality is, because of some very simple physics at play, you must learn to control the swing with the left arm in the downswing with a pulling motion rather than the right sided pushing motion you are used to now. This will be a challenge at first. Imagine trying to brush your teeth, cut your steak or even control your computer’s mouse with your left hand. In fact, try it now. Now imagine a golf club swung at over 100 mph being controlled by this same hand that you just stabbed yourself in the eye with your toothbrush.

Yes, it will take time to train the left hand. You’ve neglected it and continued to fall back and rely on your old trusty friend Mr. Righty. But Righty is Wrong. Don’t get me wrong, it has a very important job to do in the swing that is discussed in numerous videos on RotarySwing.com, but we’re not going to focus on the power side of things right now.

Right now, you need to learn how to pull. You need to do it for the same reason that when you walk a golf course with a pull cart, you pull it instead of push it – at least if you want to go straight. What happens when you push the cart? It tends to shimmy down the fairway because the force of movement must be lined up perfectly with the center of gravity when you move something from behind and away from the force of movement; otherwise it will rotate about its center of gravity.

However, take this very same cart, get in front of it and pull it down the fairway and watch a miracle unfold. With no effort, focus or concentration on your part, it follows in a perfect straight line – always moving TOWARD the force of movement – which is you. The cart is now stable and easy to control the direction with no effort on your part.

 Imagine the moment when you say that about your golf swing. It’s going to happen as soon as you start working on these three drills from the website.

Five Minutes to the Perfect Release
Left Arm Downswing Drill
Stop Coming Over the Top

These very simple movements WILL transform your golf game. They can literally transform the golf industry. The handicaps would begin to fall at a staggering rate if golfers around the world would learn the simple truth about the golf swing – you can’t beat Sir Isaac Newton. Physics will continue to win in the golf swing, it’s a constant – just like the average golf handicap being the exact same for the last 30 years.

Golfers UNITE in training the left hand! Stop sucking – start scoring!

Learn how to use the left hand properly in the golf swing and your ball striking WILL COMPLETELY CHANGE.

RotarySwing Golf  Founder

Chuck Quinton

Have you ever stopped to wonder why golf is so hard? The massive improvements that we've had in technology, the equipment, the balls, the conditions of the course, how smooth the greens roll. Yet golfer's handicaps remain basically exactly the same for the last 30 years. Why is this? We'll give you the answer today, for the first time for a lot of you, to help you understand why golf is so hard, why you're struggling with it, and I'm gonna give you three videos at the end of this, that are gonna show you exactly how to start ingraining the right habits to help you understand how to play better golf, and what it's gonna take for you to be a great ball striker that you wanna be. Like, you're gonna look like a tour player when you're done working on these drills.

                So, the first thing is, I want you to start thinking critically. I want you think how I think about the golf swing. Let's look objectively at some simple things in the golf swing. One, all tour players look relatively the same at impact, we can all agree on that. Their left wrist tends to be flat at impact, you don't see a lot of guys like a typical amateur with this broken down, cupped left wrist. The club shaft tends to be leaning toward the target, and they don't tend to chicken wing coming through. So those are three things that all tour players tend to do consistently well, that the exact opposite tends to happen in amateur golfers. They all tend to be broken down at impact, their right wrist is flat and extended, the left wrist is broken down. They tend to chicken wing, and the shaft is actually leaning backwards at impact.

                Now, if the tour player's doing the exact opposite of what you're currently doing, the trick is understanding how they're getting it to do what they want them to do, and why are you doing it the wrong way. Let's think about a couple things first, objectively. First of all, why is your golf glove on your left hand? That seems like a really stupid, simple question, right? But it's gonna make sense in just a second. All golfers, most all amateur golfers tend to struggle with scooping it, chicken winging it, right? Now, what is one thing that most all amateur golfers have in common? Well, they all tend to be right handed, right? Playing from the left side of the ball, tend to be right hand players, right hand dominant in everything they do in life. You brush your teeth with your right hand, you use your mouse on your computer with your right hand. That's just part of how we all are, we all tend to be left brain dominant, right hand dominant.

                In golf, if you want to get into these left hand dominant positions, you have to learn to swing using your left hand. That's the simple reality of it. This is the bottom line of why you still struggle with golf, and what tour players have learned to do differently than what you're doing. The golf glove's on your left hand for a reason, it's because it's the only hand that you have in the downswing, when it matters with controlling the club face, that can pull in the downswing. Now you see on the rotaryswing.com website, I talk a lot about pushing versus pulling, it's a very simple physics lesson that's gonna take you a long way with understanding your golf swing.

                If you want something to be stable, control the impact. Why you see the club head behind tour player's hands at impact, why the hands tend to be leading the shaft forward at impact, it's cause they can still pull through the hitting area, it stabilizes and controls the club face. Let's think about this in a simple way without getting too complicated. How many of us have all walked a golf course and used a pull cart, or a push cart, depending on how you're gonna phrase it? You may think about it differently when we're done. So you take your bag, you throw it on this little three wheel cart, and you either pull it behind you down the fairway, or you push it. What happens when you push it down the fairway? Well, think back for a second, you throw your [inaudible 00:03:32] on there, you start pushing it, and it tends to kinda wanna shimmy and walk all over the place a little bit. It doesn't wanna track perfectly straight.

                Now, what happens when you turn that cart around and you pull it behind you? Think about that for a second. You didn't do anything different, you didn't put any more effort into it, but as you turn around and you pull it up the fairway, it tends to follow a perfectly straight line. And when you push it, it tends to shimmy back and forth. This should be an eye opener for you about your golf swing right now. If you're pulling it, it's always moving toward the force of movement in the center of gravity, which is you. It's always moving toward it. When you push something, it tends to move, or it's going to move away from the force of movement in any direction. 360 possible different degrees. Unless you align the force of movement, which is you, perfectly with the center of gravity of that push cart, it will tend to rotate around that center of gravity, which is why it shimmies. Unless you line yourself up, your force of movement, perfectly in the center of that, it will always shimmy. It's just basic physics. When you pull it, it always moves towards the force of movement.

                So this should be an "Aha" moment for you. When you're pushing, in the golf swing, which is what 99% of the players on the planet do, because they're right hand dominant and the only thing you can do with a right hand in the downswing is push, you're going to have the same scenario where if you can't line everything up perfectly, the club tends to oscillate, it doesn't tend to consistently release, because too many forces are at work here and it's very difficult to control the club. Now when you pull it, that's why all tour players have their hand leading the club at an impact, they can still pull through impact and then release the club, the club is now like that pull cart, it's very stable. You're able to keep the club head moving toward the force of movement, moving this way, instead of this way and pushing it.

                All of a sudden, golf becomes a lot simpler. If you're struggling with your golf swing, if you're struggling with controlling the ball, slicing it, all of these typical things that amateurs struggle with, it's almost certainly that you're tending to over dominate with the right side, which is what everybody does. So how do we get over this? The first drill that I wanna give you, is gonna help you actually learn to use both sides correctly.

                So the first thing I want you to do, is you're gonna take just your left hand only, and you're going to swing just with your left hand. And what I want you to start to feel, is the basic shape and swinging motion of the golf swing with just your left hand. Then I want you to take your right hand and swing left handed, and do the exact opposite. So now what you're doing, is you're actually training both sides of your brain to learn the pulling movement that is critical for controlling and stabilizing that club face in the golf swing. The reason I want you to do it with both hands, it's training both sides of the brain, but also because you're so much more coordinated with your right hand, because you do everything in your daily life with it, it's gonna help you learn and feel the proper rotation and release of the club much easier than what you may do with your left hand. A lot of times when people take the left hand ... I'm gonna go really slow, they don't to just kinda pull it like this and the club face is wide open, and they don't realize it. You don't tend to do that with the right hand, it makes more sense to let the club release. I want you to feel that, so that what you're feeling in your right hand you can begin to translate over into the left hand. That drill alone will help you feel the proper sensations of the golf swing, with the pulling motion left hand.

                The second thing is, there's several videos on the website that are gonna cover this. One, if you struggle with coming over the top, there's a video called, guess what? Stop Coming Over the Top. When you come over the top, your tendency is to take this right side, it's in a very powerful position, where it can rotate, you can use your peck, your front delt, these muscles that can pitch the club this way, and that's how you come over the top. Now take your left hand and try to do the same thing. Well now you don't have the same muscles to get the club to come over the top, and so what tends to happen when people are too left side dominant, is they tend to get stuck and come too far from the inside. For most of you amateurs out there, whose struggle with the golf swing is still with coming over the top, this is a blessing in disguise. Now all of a sudden you're gonna learn how to snap hook it, which I don't want that either. But, as you start to get coming too far from the inside, by using the left arm, you're gonna start to see why you're struggling by being too right side dominant. So that's the video I want you to watch, how to stop coming over the top.

                The next one, most important video on the website, is the five minutes to the perfect release drill. Guess what it teaches you? How to release the club with your left hand, how do you get into a perfect impact position, like a tour player, and then how to start training that left hand how to release the club. You've probably spent your whole life releasing with your right hand looking like this, this is all just right hand flipping motion in there. And what that's doing, is just continuing to reinforce bad habits. Training this left hand's gonna take a while. You don't do anything with your left hand, most likely, so if you go home tonight, start challenging yourself. Try to brush your teeth with your left hand, hopefully you won't poke your eye out. Try to cut your steak with your left arm. And you're gonna realize, this is very difficult, just to even use your computer mouse with your left hand. Now magnify that by a hundred, cause you're gonna be swinging a golf club at a hundred miles an hour, trying to learn to control it with your left hand, which you've never done, and you can't even brush your teeth left handed yet.

                Of course this isn't gonna happen overnight. The reality is, it's gonna take a while, it's gonna be a struggle. You've struggled for a long time with your golf swing, now I'm just telling you the truth about it, unfortunately it's predominantly left handed when it comes to controlling the club face. Right hand's got a very important job to do, you're just already skilled with the right hand, too skilled with it, to dominant with it, and we've gotta go the opposite direction and go left hand dominant until you learn to control that club face and get in those impact position.

                The last video I want you to check out is called the Ladd drill, L-A-D-D, the Left Arm Downswing Drill. And that video covers the basic movements of how to use the left arm in the downswing. So if you put these three things together, plus the training both hands to swing using the pulling motion and releasing motion with each hand independently, it's important to take your hand completely off the club. If you can't make this motion with just your left hand and feel like you have any control, imagine as soon as you put that right hand on there it's gonna wanna really take over and dominate the swing, so it's really important to start really overdoing the left side, until you start coming too far from the inside, which would be a great problem for many of you amateurs who tend to come over the top and slice it. And all of a sudden you'll start to understand why you've got that golf glove on your left hand, how the tour players are getting these great impact positions, and how you're gonna stop struggling with the golf swing.


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