Step 2 - Core Rotation - Drill Only

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The drill only for Step 2 - Body Rotation

Okay. So you've got the understanding behind how to do this and why we need to do it that way. Now let's just focus on just doing the movements, the actual drills. It's really important that you start with a proper stance. If you're too wide, you're going to feel like your head has to move all over the place to shift your weight. Make sure you watch the stance width videos if you tend to struggle with this. Proper stance width, access tilt, rotate back.

                I'm loaded on my right leg, my glutes activated, my knees still flexed, neck tie drill, my neck tie would be hanging off my knee. Shift over to the left, keeping this right leg out of it. I don't want to be pushing off this right leg. Relax it, shift, and get my belt buckle about 30 to 45 degrees open, and my shoulders dead square. So again, back, through.

                What you're going to start realizing is that you hit the ball from here to here. This is where everything, all the movement emanates from in the golf swing, is from here to here. When you're moving this, you don't have to move this very far to get your arms to move a long ways. That's the whole goal. That's the definition of efficiency. We don't want to be trying to move our arms all over the place to move that club. We need to lean to move from the center first.

                This is really what you're trying to do. If you can do this, you're going to get into a perfect impact position every time. The drill is pretty simple, keeping my right knee flexed, my chest back. I'm rotating from my rib cage, pulling that right shoulder blade back, shifting over. As I shift, it starts to unwind my shoulders. As I post up on my left leg and use that left oblique to help pull me back, and use my leg to help push it back, I get right back to square. I don't have to turn my shoulders at all. Notice I'm staying in my posture, not pushing off my right leg. If you lose your posture, you lose the tush line, it's all coming because you're pushing off this right leg. So keep this right leg out of it for now, shift, and turn. Turn back, use your legs and your hips and your core to bring your shoulders and eventually the club back into impact. 


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