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Golf Alignment of Your Feet

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Alignment in golf requires an understanding of where your feet are actually pointing and determining what reference point to use for your alignment to the target.

What are the most basic elements of the golf swing is alignment and alignment is another one of those things that typical golf instruction seems to tell you, it doesn't really matter where you're pointed as long as you know, where the ball is going to a degree. That's true, especially if you're in the middle of a round of golf and you're just kind of not sure. And your feet setting up your feet and club face are kind of throwing you off as long as you know, where the ball is going. That's great, but that's a pretty unreliable mechanism because every day, what you think you're lined up at is going to change a little bit. Your body feels different, your brain, and I see things a little bit differently. So at the end of the day, one of the most basic things that you'll always see to UPROSE working on is alignment. So I've got a couple of sticks set up here to make this really obvious and easy to see because alignment, when you're working on it can lead you to a really closed set up without you catching on to what's happening here because your feet, the way that you're measuring it can be very tricky to your eyes. And so here's what I want to show you with this. I'm going to put my feet in here.

And what you'll notice is that these two sticks, even though they're lined up exactly on my feet and touching my feet, my heels and my toes, they're not parallel. In fact, they're quite a bit skewed. So what I see most of the times that people set up to practice on the range and they set the club down, they said, Hey, clubbed down on their toes. And they're using that as an alignment guide. Well, now I know where I'm actually going to hit this ball is actually off of this line because my feet are, my club face is square to my right foot, which is perpendicular to this shaft of the stick. So now I know that this in relationship to the atoll line stick is actually looks really open. If you look at most tour players at a dress, if you get a chance to play or excuse me, you know, go to a round of golf where you can walk up really close to them.

You'll notice that most of the time their club faces look really open. It's actually not open it's square in relationship to their body. Not their feet. Your feet will trick you. How come simple. If I set up with my feet perfectly square, then you could put that this toe shaft along that line, it'd be great. But most all of us open our foot a little bit. This makes it a little bit easier and puts less strain on the hip to have your foot open. Cause you're not rotating on that hip socket internally as much. So this is perfectly fine to have your feet open. But as I opened my feet, that's what makes this align change. If I opened them or a lot, now this is going to be 20, 30 degrees left of the target. So what I see happen all the time is people set up, they have their feet open, but they're putting the shaft down.

So now what I'm actually doing is making myself kind of want to open my shoulders so that it matches this line. So now from down the line, it looks like I'm actually set up this way because I'm paying attention to where the tow line is pointing. This doesn't matter. This is what matters. So your heels, your knees, your hips, your shoulders and club face should match up to your heel line, not your toe line because your foot is going to be open. So when you're practicing, you may feel when you splay your foot open and you get all of this set up correctly, you'll just need two shafts on the ground or to clubs on the ground and start getting comfortable with this setup that you're going to feel a little bit more open, but that's actually truly square because now all of your body aligned your joints apart from where your foot's angled out are square. So when you practice until you get comfortable, put two shafts down, one on your toe and one on your heel and use this as your guide, you can set it up on your heel first and then set this one up, parallel to it as well. And now you've got a nice square visual of these two shafts being parallel. Now the club face is going to be perpendicular to that. And if I put all this together, get a nice straight shot exactly on my line. And that is how you're going to work on your alignment.

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