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You've got a great opportunity to improve your golf game, especially if you're stuck indoors! All you need to do is follow along with our new Perfect Your Putting series. This first video covers setup fundamentals. Check it out now because if you've got the basics wrong, it won't matter how good your green reading, touch, or anything else is.

Video Practice Points
  • The three putting setup fundamentals are putting stance width, ball position, and weight distribution
  • Stance Width: Stand with each hip, knee, & ankle perfectly stacked, then move each foot 2" wider
  • Ball Position: Place the back of the ball on the center line of your stance
  • Weight Distribution: Balance your weight 50/50 between your feet and maintain that balance throughout the stroke

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Why Your Putting Stance & Setup Really Do Matter

Putting Stance and Setup

The putting stance is widely considered to be something that is just different for every golfer. It seems there is no right or wrong way for a proper putting setup, but the reality is that if you have a poor golf putting stance, you're going to be forced into introducing a lot of compensations into your putting stroke. To avoid this, make sure your golf putting setup follows the fundamentals laid out in this golf instruction video

There are a lot of variables on the putting stance, you can have a wide stance or a narrow one, but you should work to always setup fairly square to the golf ball. A square putting stance makes it easier to have a putting stroke that works more down the line on a slight arc which is how the vast majority of professional golfers stroke the ball and setup for a putt.

Proper Putting Online Lessons

For those of you using our golf swing analysis feature on the website, know that you can also submit video of your putting setup and stroke. You don't just have to upload videos of your golf swing. You can get a proper putting lesson online and make sure that your putting stance and setup is every bit as good as the rest of your Rotary Swing!

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