Sergio Garcia Golf Swing Analysis

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If you want more lag in your golf swing, or your reverse pivot has given you all you can handle, watch this video and start beating your friends for good!

Video Practice Points
  • Reverse pivot occurs when the upper body leans toward the target and the lower body leans away
  • The key to correcting reverse pivot is getting proper axis tilt at address and rotating around the spine
  • Watch "Axis Tilt at Address," "Push vs. Pull," & "Right Shoulder Blade Glide" for step by step instructions
  • Downcock is the best way to build and maintain lag for speed in the golf swing
  • Avoid over swinging and watch the "Downcock Drill" lesson to learn how

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Sergio Garcia Golf Swing Analysis: Keys to More Lag

And the "El Nino" Mr. Sergio Garcia is back with a big win in Thailand this past weekend. In this video we're going to discuss some of the key focus points that Sergio works on to build that massive amounts of lag and club head speed. We're also going to point you in the direction of some of the videos on the website that you can use to help build some lag into your golf swing. And ultimately turn that into some great club head speed and build more distance into your game.

              Okay, so this past weekend, the lag monster himself Sergio Garcia claims a four shot victory over Henrik Stenson. In awesome fashion, awesome playing with his girlfriend at the side of his bag. And it's fun to see Sergio back out there winning. As we've known he's struggled with either some fan base or whatever it may be, but welcome back to the winner's circle Sergio. And today's analysis I do want to focus in on some of the key points that Sergio hones in on. As far as building that massive amounts of lag, that he turns into club head speed.

              Now I do want to start out by putting a disclaimer on the front of this that lag is one of those areas, as important as it is, is one of those areas that can also be overdone. And if another part of the golf swing is overlooked, and it's not fine-tuned properly, then lag really becomes a moot point. Okay, so I want you to understand that lag is a great thing for you guys to build the club head speed, but I want you to know there are other key points of the golf swing that you need to have in place in order to be able to control the club face, and hit shots that will stay on the golf course. That don't vary all over the place. We're not hitting them fat, we're not hitting them thin.

              All right, so, much like last week's review with Zack Johnson we're going to go ahead and use the new swing viewer, located on the website. And I'm going to scroll down here and pick out a video of Sergio that I've already pre-loaded for us. Then I'm gonna go ahead and scroll back up so we can all see the screen here. Okay, so, a couple of the key points in today's analysis is what Sergio does very well in his golf swing in order to create this sort of lag.

              All right, he creates a lot of width in the first part of his golf swing. So he has a very wide swing shape, then he narrows the golf club, creates that sharp angle. And then ultimately releases that, and turns that into some great club head speed. That's great, Sergio has a golf swing that works for him. Now you don't see 90% of the players on the tour lagging the golf club like him. So, it's one of those areas that I want you to be conscious of. You don't need to build in Sergio's style lag in order to create power and club head speed.

              All right, so let's go ahead and let's look at the width that he takes the club back. All right so we're going ahead and work back here. And what I want you to notice is when he starts to take the club back he's got a large amount of width. Okay, so he keeps both arms fully extended, still got the arms fully extended. When he gets to the top you're gonna see a very loaded right side. Okay, so you're gonna see him very loaded into the right leg. Let me put an arrow on the screen here so you can go ahead and ... you can see this loaded right side. Very big width to his golf swing.

              Now the next big move, as he approaches the top is you're gonna start to see him shift left. And what I want you to pay very close attention to is the angle of the club. You can see the club right here, and I can draw a line on there for us a reference point. Let me go ahead and pull the basic tool for us. Okay, there's our shaft angle right there. Now, when he makes his next move, he's gonna shift left. Right there. Now you see the angle in which he has the club. It's actually behind his head here. He's got a massive amount of lag. And that shift to the left is much like a video we have on the website called "The down-cock and pump drill." And one of those key areas that he has in his golf swing, that a lot of people overlook is keeping the suppleness of the wrist. Keeping the wrist very relaxed. That's going to help the down-cock. So when you shift to the left, that momentum is going to help down-cock the golf club and increase the lag angle.

              Now this is one of those moves I think people try to get really wrapped up in. It can be considered more of an advanced move. Yes, it's a very important move, but don't get so wrapped up in this particular move and not remember what is most important. And as we start to move down, further into the downswing. I do want you to understand, lag is one of those things that's great. We talked about that before. But if you can create all this lag angle and you don't understand how to release the golf club properly. It's not going to do anything for you. Okay, you need to make sure that you can release the golf club properly. Controlling the club face is 90% of the golf swing. You need to be able to control the club face. Then you can add speed.

              All right, so I want you to know that we do have a video on the website that is probably the most important video on the website that's overlooked. And that's "Five minutes to a perfect release." That is a video that you all need to pay attention to first. Okay, so I want you to make sure that you pay attention to "Five minutes to a perfect release." Make sure that you understand on how to control the club face. And then we can start to work on drills like the down-cock and pump drill. Or we can work on nine to three lag building drills. That's another great video on the downswing section. Nine to three lag building drills will teach you how to lag and release the club. But I want you to make sure that you have the proper release down before you start any of those drills.

              Okay so, let's take another look here at what Sergio does. You can see that he's got this massive angle. Okay, so there's his lag angle that he's eventually going to turn into a release. Now this not one of those areas like I said, everybody needs, but when the hands approach in front of the right thigh, you want to at least see the club head, at least parallel to the ground there all right. So if you see it down in this area that's what we'd call early casting. You're losing the lag angle quite a bit early. You're gonna get a little bit flippy with the golf club. If you have it anywhere in between Sergio's and this line right here, then you're in good shape.

              All right, so I do want you to understand that if you have the club parallel to the ground. You are in good shape and set up properly for the release. And, ultimately you can turn that into some great club head speed, which is gonna transition into more distance on the golf course.

              All right, so as Sergio works through impact, he has a fantastic release. All right a fantastic release of the golf club. And that's all set up by him understanding how to control the club face. And he has openly said that "Yes, it takes a long time to control the club face." And one of the key areas that he does from the top part of the golf swing. He will speak that he feels like he's got a chain, wrapped around his hands and he's got an anchor, the chain anchored above him. In a ceiling I guess you could say and he's pulling that chain down, like he's got a chain wrapped around his hands on the grip and he's trying to pull that chain out of the wall, straight down. So when you see his first move and you see that shift left. You're gonna see him pull down very hard and ultimately set the club in that position. So that's how he creates that massive amount of lag. But Sergio, like I said, controls the club face really, really well.

              So, in the order I want you guys to watch the videos on the website. I would prefer that you guys all start to watch "The five minutes to a perfect release" first. I also want you guys to make sure that you understand the down-cock and pump drill is very important, but it's not one of those things that you need to go out and drill right away, okay. You can start to look at once you get the "Five minutes to a perfect release". I would recommend starting in "The key to building lag". That's also in the down swing section. And I would also focus on the "Nine to three lag building" drills. Then you can work into some of the more advances moves; the down-cock and pump drill.

              But ultimately don't try to overdo things and think that lag is gonna be one of those areas that is gonna just massively change your game for the best, okay. It can be overdone. So I really want you guys to spend a lot of time on controlling the club face. Then start to build lag in.

              All right, so let's get those club head speeds up in 2014. But more importantly, let's learn how to control the club face and keep our shots on the golf course. I wish you guys the best of luck.


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