The LONGEST Drives of Your Life

Those who have gone through this course have picked up on average 30-40 yards!

"I've added 30 yards on average and 40 yards on my best drives. I can't believe where my ball is ending up on the course, I NEVER thought I could hit it this far to be honest!" - Ray W. Premium Member

how to hit the golf ball farther

No Gimmicks - Just Longer Drives

The longest drives you've ever hit are right around the corner.

What You're Going to Learn

  • The TRUE Sweetspot on the Club Head
  • Why the Driver You Have Might Be Costing You 30+ Yards
  • What the Equipment Manufacturers DON'T Want You to Know
  • Why You've Lost Distance with Age - And How to Get it BACK
  • Drills to Increase Your Swing Speed 10+ MPH
  • How to Launch the Ball for Maximum Distance

300 yard drives

longer drives

Save Money on Lessons

A typical lesson with an instructor will cost at least $100 - and then you have to try and retain it all!

You'll have these videos to revert back to for life!

Stop Wasting Time with Training Aids

Most training aids are junk and only work while they're using them! This program doesn't require any training aids, just your body, your driver and the ball!

Get Home in 2 & Make More Birdies

How great is it going to feel when you start knocking the ball on the green in 2 on Par 5's that you currently feel are unreachable?!

The best $49 You'll Ever Spend on Golf!

Bomb Your Driver Course Only

$49.00 /one time

  • Bomb Your Driver Over 300 Yards Course
  • Jack Nicklaus Putting Secret Course
  • Short Game Course
  • Revolutionary Full Swing Course
  • LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee

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