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We stand by our instruction 100% with the golf instruction world's ONLY LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee (learn more)! If you follow our program and don't improve your swing, we will give you every cent back, no questions asked!

We've never had anyone ask for their money back, so we know you'll be happy with your improved golf swing!

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  • Access to the Step-by-Step RST 5 Step Learning System
  • Access to the Bomb Your Driver Course
  • Access to the Short Game Mastery Course
  • Access to the Jack Nicklaus Putting Secret Course
  • Your Questions Answered by an RST Instructor Under Each Video
  • 6 Free Swing Reviews with RST Instructors

RotarySwing Academy

  • All Premium Membership Benefits Plus
  • The Entire RotarySwing Clinic (lecture portion - Over 5 hours of content!)
  • The Interactive RotarySwing Learning Course
  • The Completely Unique RotarySwing Follow Along Training Program
  • Access to Exclusive Interactive Live Webinars with RST Instructors
  • Free Swing Review Every Two Weeks with RST Instructors
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The world's first online golf instruction membership site founded in 2005!

Not just an internet business - we have three golf academies in the US, including our flagship at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida
  • 100% based on biomechanics, anatomy, physics and how the brain learns new movement patterns
  • Fully researched and backed by an expert advisory panel of orthopedic and neuro-surgeons, learning experts and Ph. D. Biomechanists from the US Olympics Committee
  • Over 300 hours of video instruction anywhere, any time
  • Increase clubhead speed - with less effort and more control than ever before - while preventing injury
  • Stop losing your lag, getting “stuck,” slicing, hitting fat or thin shots, overswinging, or anything else you struggle with
  • "I think Chuck has come very close to developing the perfect golf swing."

    -Dr. Jeff Broker, Ph. D. Biomechanist - US Olympic Committee

  • "I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing... The website is without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the Internet."

    -Sam Jarman, Milton Keynes | UK

  • "I'm a 9 handicap, after one lesson with Chuck on the TrackMan I shot 66 in a tournament! 66! I followed that up with a 74 - and I'm a 9 handicap! Mind blowing!"

    -Ed M. | USA

  • "Handicap has gone from 6 to 1. Picked up a full club distance with irons and 20 yards with driver. Thanks RST!"

    -Jeff W. | USA

Vincent Got Instructor Feedback and Built This Amazing Swing:

  • "I've been a part of RST for the past 4 months, and it has driven my 15 handicap down to a 7 in that time. My swing speed prior to this program was 96 MPH and is now 115 MPH without seeing a day in the gym."

    -Vincent Tapaoan | CA

Colin Joined the RST Site and this Swing was the Result

  • "I can't realistically see myself hitting the ball any better or more consistently down the range or on the course than I am now, and I understand my misses now as well."

    -Colin Earl | UK

FREE! "Bomb Your Driver" 8-Part Video Series Included

  • Over 1 hour of video footage that can help you hit it 20-30 yards farther today by simply tweaking your setup and grip and understanding your driver better
  • Avoid wasting $300 or $400+ on your next driver by understanding how to pick the right specs for you
  • Learn about a $0.75 training aid you probably have at home that will help increase your driver distance by 20% or more
  • Finally find out everything you need to know about spin, launch angle, COR, COG, club face roll, and more
  • Member responses to "How many yards have you picked up?"

    "I put down 30-40. Closer to 30 than 40... but, that’s the range. What’s not in the poll question is accuracy, which is way, way up."


  • "30 to 40 yards for me as well, but on some drives it’s a lot more than that."



We stand by our instruction. If you follow our program and don't improve your swing to your satisfaction, contact us within 30 days of signup for a full refund (first time members only).

*All options are auto-renewing. You can easily cancel at anytime.

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  • Do all of your Premium Membership options auto-renew?

    Yes, for your convenience, all options auto-renew, and you can easily cancel at any time.

  • How easy is it to cancel?

    You can easily cancel at any time by clicking "My Subscriptions" in your Member Tools menu and then clicking "cancel" on the specific plan you want to cancel.

  • Do all the Premium Membership options above provide me with the same website features?

    Yes, each Premium Membership option is exactly the same except for the subscription length.

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