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NEW! The C4 Ballstriking Mastery Program Delivers Explosive Results with its Research Proven 4 Phased Approach to Ball Striking Mastery

  • Phase 1 - Achieve the same impact conditions as the pros for CONSISTENCY
  • Phase 2 - learn how to properly release the club for speed and CONTROL
  • Phase 3 - learn the most powerful sequence for COMPRESSION
  • Phase 4 - put your swing on automatic to feel CONFIDENCE

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"Spent several hours working on the drills in this video today. Very illuminating! I had no idea what I was missing before."

- Gary C

"What a great drill! I never knew what a proper release felt like, always had a follow through with a broken down left wrist, club close to the body. I never understood the mechanics of it until now. Thank you very much for this."

- Christopher

"This program is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, a progressive approach that produces fast results!"

- Kevin

"This is probably one of the best golf instructional videos on the planet. So much good content here. Going to work on this today."

- James

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