Chris Tyler

Florida,United States

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Orlando, Florida


The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club


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Understanding the golf swing and how the body works is a fascinating concept that I have devoted my life to and in turn have helped thousands of students reach their goals in the game of golf.

I was born and raised in a very small town in New Hampshire where I started learning the game of golf at age 6. By the age of 16, I moved to the state of Florida where I was being heavily recruited to play college golf and opted to battle the ranks of professional golf at the age of 18. After turning professional and experiencing the high level of talent on the rise, it was important for me to study the golf swing and develop an understanding of how the best players in the world perform the way they do so that I can pass that along to my students.

I met Chuck Quinton in early 2002, and I looked at his breakdown of the golf swing as an ingenious approach mixed with a sort of mad-scientist approach. As the Rotary Swing evolved, I found an undying desire to teach the game full time. Teaching a golf swing that allows you to extract the timing, create consistency, maximize power through efficiency all while protecting the body has become the face of golf. It is this philosophy that has enabled me to help thousands of golfers from all over the world. Seeing the reaction from my students when they make a correction to their golf swing is priceless and reminds me why this is the greatest game on earth.

If you are serious about elevating your game to the next level, I specialize in all of the RST swing facets, course management, mindset and long-term analysis for bettering your game. Whether you are in the Orlando area or not, I am here to help you with your swing and will be happy to help you maximize your potential.

 RST Student Paul McNamara Says - "Just a note to say how much I enjoyed and learned from my lesson with Chris Tyler. I got more out of that one lesson than I did in more lessons than I care to count. Chris not only has a good eye, he's a really clear teacher - and a has great sense of humor.  In helping me ground my lower body as a source of power and consistent spine angle, he was very methodical in the sequence of steps to get from A to B to C in an hour; he's very efficient."