Chris Tyler

Florida,United States

Master Instructor



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Orlando, Florida


The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club



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A former New Hampshire native, now full time resident of Orlando Florida, Chris is a Master Certified Instructor with 18+ years of teaching experience, 30+ years of on course playing experience and thousands of in-person/online instruction hours logged, Chris is excited to share his experience with you and your game whether you are a beginner, playing professional or a weekend warrior. 

 After a short stint in professional golf, Chris knew that he wanted to help students around the world play this crazy game at whatever level. In doing so, he found himself fascinated not only with the golf swing, but with anatomy and kinesiology as well.  

Chris joined the Rotaryswing Tour Team in late 2011. Working side by side with Chuck, In that time, Chris developed a deeper understanding of how the body is supposed to move for maximum efficiency AND safety, something the golf instruction world has ALWAYS lacked. 

Chris is not only a proud husband and father, he is also a very dedicated golf instructor that will work directly with you on any of your game’s specific needs from swing mechanics, to short game, to course management to practice programs etc., Chris will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. If you are serious about elevating your game to the next level, reach out to 

RST Student Paul M. Says - "Just a note to say how much I enjoyed and learned from my lesson with Chris Tyler. I got more out of that one lesson than I did in more lessons than I care to count. Chris not only has a good eye, he's a really clear teacher - and has a great sense of humor. In helping me ground my lower body as a source of power and consistent spine angle, he was very methodical in the sequence of steps to get from A to B to C in an hour; he's very efficient."

We're after one thing: Real Results - Real Fast. And that's exactly what our members achieve. And that's why they say the AXIOM is: Mind-blowing. Game changing. Revolutionary.

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