Below you can find the leaders under each step of the 5 Step System. Keep doing those reps to move up the leaderboard!

Taking a Divot in Front of the Ball

1Jeff G.113,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Peter W.1,100
4Alain R.950
5Dwayne W.600
6Paresh B.600
7Doug J.500
8Tom S.500
9John G.500
10Lars N.500
11Stephen B.500
12Christopher W.455
13Robert T.400
14José C.360
15Jonathan S.300
16Gary G.300
17Michael P.300
18Leo G.300
19Guenter S.150
20Tim F.150

Golf Swing Speed Release Drill

1marcia o.400
2Guenter S.30
3Stéphane H.1

Golf Swing Takeaway & Drills

1Ron T.3,200
2Antonio M.3,000
3stuart c.3,000
4Scott C.3,000
5Daniel B.3,000
6Cindy W.2,050
7James M.2,000
8Lars N.1,450
9Larry P.1,200
10Leslie C.800
11Alain R.700
12Lars K.650
13Bunloo V.600
14Stephen B.600
15Ib S.525
16jim j.500
17jay s.500
18Michael M.500
19John G.300
20William M.250

Golf Backswing, Completing the Golf Backswing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Daniel R.3,000
3Scott C.3,000
4Chad J.2,500
5Randy S.2,150
6Dwayne W.1,200
7Peter W.1,100
8Billy B.875
9Austin L.730
10William J F.700
11Stephen B.500
12Patrick P.500
13James M.500
14Michael M.400
15Lars N.400
16Bunloo V.400
17Kirk U.350
18Robert D.310
19Jacques R.300
20jay s.200

9 to 3 Golf Swing Drill

1Jeff G.7,000
2Simon d.3,100
3stuart c.3,100
4Russell T.3,040
5Eric A.3,000
6Scott C.3,000
7Jack K.2,950
8Dean P.2,700
9Laron M.2,700
10Douglas C.2,375
11Billy B.2,350
12John G.2,000
13Patrick P.2,000
14jon p.1,975
15Barry P.1,885
16Mike M.1,775
17Guenter S.1,680
18Wayne D.1,500
19Rainer R.1,440
20Jacques R.1,400

Axis Tilt at Setup and Why It's So Important

1Tom L.15,000
2Anthony P.14,000
3BRADLEY s.6,100
4Jason R.6,000
5Michele R.6,000
6Tomas E.4,660
7david r.4,175
8Roth C.4,000
9Michael F.3,550
10Jeff G.3,500
11Tim F.3,400
12Lars K.3,400
13Chad J.3,300
14Wayne D.3,300
15Nathan H.3,300
16Raimo T.3,200
17jesse w.3,200
18Christopher J C.3,100
19stuart c.3,100
20Mel L.3,100

5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Setup

1Enni S.6,000
2Steve M.4,400
3Johan S.4,000
4James A.3,900
5David R.3,500
6Christopher J C.3,300
7Steve B.3,250
8John B.3,200
9Jeff G.3,200
10Raimo T.3,200
11Gordon G.3,150
12Daniel S.3,125
13shawn k.3,125
14stuart c.3,100
15BRADLEY s.3,100
16Dwayne W.3,100
17Mads O.3,100
18Jack K.3,090
19Michael O.3,062
20Leo G.3,060

5 Minute Golf Setup w/ Weight Shift

1Peter K.5,000
2Billy W.4,545
3Jeff G.4,100
4BRADLEY s.4,000
5adam l.3,736
6Raimo T.3,300
7Jay R.3,200
8Chad J.3,200
9Christopher J C.3,200
10shawn k.3,125
11Guenter S.3,120
12Luc M.3,115
13Charles W.3,100
14Dwayne W.3,100
15Jack K.3,050
16stuart c.3,050
17Russell T.3,050
18david r.3,032
19Robert D.3,015
20Eric A.3,000

Right Arm Backswing Drill

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Eric A.2,050
4Larry P.500
5Steve M.450
6James S.350
7Robert D.270
8Lars N.200
9Gary G.200
10Paresh B.160
11Cindy W.145
12Jacques B.125
13Jack K.125
14DANIEL S.110
15Bunloo V.100
16Alain C.100
17jay s.100
18Ted S.50
19Jack K.50
20Denny H.50

5 Minutes to Master Rotation

1Jeff G.6,000
2Hardy B.3,850
3stuart c.3,225
4Simon d.3,200
5Mel L.3,100
6Guenter S.3,090
7Jack K.3,065
8Eric A.3,050
9Charles W.3,050
10Daniel B.3,020
11Scott C.3,000
12Richard G.3,000
13Raimo T.3,000
14Russell T.3,000
15Alain C.2,975
16Michael F.2,875
17Bob S.2,800
18Stephen T.2,600
19James M.2,500
20Richard H.2,500

Throw the Ball Drill to Increase Clubhead Speed

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Joseph F.1,000
4Noel K.500
5Danny T.500
6Peter D.300
7James S.300
8John H.200
9Larry P.200
10Lars N.116
11Guenter S.90
12Austin L.90
13Robert D.80
14jerry c.75
15Hector A.75
16Patrick P.50
17Ted S.50
18Mark S.45
20Steve K.30

Right Arm Only Downswing Drill

1Guenter S.90

Left Arm in the Golf Downswing (LADD)

1Guenter S.30

Golf Takeaway, 5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Takeaway

1Eric A.4,000
2Ron T.3,200
3Russell T.3,050
4Jack K.3,040
5Billy W.3,020
6Scott C.3,000
7Richard G.3,000
8James M.3,000
9Ronan E.3,000
10Daniel B.3,000
11Kurt G.2,350
12Jack K.2,250
13Paul C.2,233
14jon p.2,000
15Ryan S.2,000
16david r.1,831
17Bernard M.1,800
18Patrick P.1,550
19Eric O.1,400
20Larry P.1,350

RST Necktie Drill

1Daniel B.3,010
2Scott C.3,000
3Jeff G.3,000
4Bob S.2,400
5James M.1,500
6Dwayne W.1,200
7Richard M.1,200
8Eric A.1,050
9David S.560
10Noel K.500
11Stephen M.500
12Carolyn S.450
13Mark k.420
14Lars N.400
15Steve B.300
16shawn k.300
17William M.200
18Gary G.200
19jay s.200
20Leo G.125

The Bucket Drill - Golf Shoulder Turn


Load Right Leg / Shorten Swing / Greater Consistency

1marcia o.6,500
2Jeff G.4,700
3Daniel R.3,000
4Robert K.3,000
5Raimo T.3,000
6Dwayne W.3,000
7Nathan H.3,000
8Steve B.3,000
9Eric A.3,000
10Chad J.3,000
11Scott C.3,000
12Scott C.3,000
13Jack K.3,000
14Jonathan Y.2,700
15jon p.2,510
16James M.2,500
17richard f.2,500
18Steve F.2,500
19Jon F.2,500
20shawn k.2,450

Torso, Hips Over Rotating in Backswing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Reginald W.3,000
3Scott C.3,000
4Bob S.2,500
5Dwayne W.1,600
6Raimo T.1,300
7Richard M.1,200
8Gary G.1,000
9Stephen M.500
10Reed W.415
11Lars N.400
12Kirk U.250
13Ko D.200
14Stephen B.200
15Patrick P.200
16Leo G.200
17Robert D.190
18david w.100
19Ryan S.100
20Guenter S.90

Hip Spinners - Belt Buckle Drill

1Jeff G.3,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Bob S.2,600
4Stephen M.2,500
5Peter W.2,200
6Dwayne W.1,800
7Richard M.1,200
8Danny T.600
9Stephen B.600
10Mark k.505
11Reed W.250
12William M.200
13DANIEL S.160
14jack b.150
15David S.125
16Lars N.100
17jim O.100
18Guenter S.60
19William P.50
20Ted S.50

Level Shoulders at Impact

1jay s.200
2Guenter S.60

Sitting Into the Left Side

1KALEB E.200
2Christopher J C.200
3norman k.70
4Luc M.50
5Ib S.50
6Guenter S.30
7Jack K.30

Role of the Right Foot in Downswing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Raimo T.3,000
4Bob S.2,600
5Peter W.1,900
6Dwayne W.1,500
7jon p.1,210
8Richard M.1,200
9Aaron S.1,000
10Lars N.600
11Steve P.500
12Stephen M.500
13Stephen B.500
14Jerry B.475
15shawn k.475
16Reed W.415
17KALEB E.400
18Kirk U.250
19jay s.200
20Donley W.200

5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Backswing

1James M.4,000
2Richard G.3,070
3Daniel B.3,000
4Scott C.3,000
5Russell T.2,860
6david r.2,511
7Ronan E.2,500
8Kurt G.2,450
9jon p.2,140
10Shane P.2,050
11Alain C.1,775
12Paul C.1,550
13Patrick P.1,500
14Lars N.1,400
15Larry P.1,350
16Cindy W.1,310
17Zubair a.1,124
18Jay M.1,050
19Dave B.1,010
20Laron M.1,000

The Tiger Squat

1Jeff G.4,500
2Scott C.3,000
3Bob S.2,600
4Chad J.2,000
5Richard M.1,200
6Dwayne W.1,000
7Raimo T.900
8Ron A. Sr. N.650
9Russell T.550
10Noel K.500
11Gary G.500
12Mark k.500
13Lonn R.500
14Lars N.500
15jay s.500
16jon p.340
17Bunloo V.200
18Eric A.200
19Matt M.200
20Reed W.200

RotaryConnect Backswing Training Aid

1Scott C.3,000
2jon p.415
3Patrick P.250
4Eric A.200
5William M.200
7Hector A.100
8Jack K.50
9Ted S.50
10Guenter S.30
11Guy M.15
12Adrian Jose G.4
13Debra H.3

RotaryConnect Lower Body Drill

1Scott C.3,000
2Jeff G.3,000
3Bob S.2,600
4Richard M.1,200
5jon p.520
6Stephen M.500
8Lars N.200
9KALEB E.200
10Reed W.200
11Jonathan S.200
12Hardy B.100
13Patrick P.100
14Kevin B.100
15William M.75
16Guenter S.60
17William P.50
18Matt M.50
19Ted S.50
20Jack K.50

Square the Clubface Early

1James S.250
2Guenter S.30

Left Hand Golf Club Release Drill

1Alain C.100
2Guenter S.90

Right Hand Only Distance Control Drill


5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Downswing

1Jeff G.7,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Richard G.3,000
4Mike M.2,175
5david r.2,014
6Russell T.2,000
7Patrick P.1,500
8Richard H.1,225
9Larry P.1,200
10Lars N.1,100
11Steve M.1,100
12Charles W.1,000
13Alain C.500
14Don K.500
15Bart v.410
16Jack K.300
17jim O.300
18don p.210
19John G.200
20andré g.200

Downcock Pump Lag Drill

1Jeff G.7,000
2Scott C.3,000
3jay s.2,750
4david r.2,180
5andré g.1,790
6Austin L.1,130
7Patrick P.500
8Billy B.350
9Ib S.220
10Kirk U.200
11jim O.200
12Jack E.200
13Jacques R.200
14Ted S.200
15Eric A.135
16Paresh B.125
17Lars N.111
18DANIEL S.105
19Brian W.100
20Laurent M.60

Golf Swing Transition Drill

1Jeff G.7,000
2Scott C.3,000
3david r.2,290
4andré g.1,670
5Kirk U.290
6Eric A.275
7jim O.250
8Ted S.150
9don p.140
10Lars N.111
11Bruno S.100
12Larry P.100
13Guenter S.60
14Ib S.20
15Mark S.20
16Mart N.15
17Robert L.2

Squeeze the Cheeks

1Jeff G.5,700
2Raimo T.3,100
3Robert K.3,000
4Nathan H.3,000
5Reginald W.3,000
6Scott C.3,000
7Jon F.2,500
8Steve B.2,500
9shawn k.2,250
10Peter W.2,100
11Bob S.1,800
12Dwayne W.1,500
13Robert D.1,480
14Tom W.1,275
15Richard M.1,200
16Patrick P.1,025
17Roger R.1,000
18Gary G.900
19Saso T.800
20Lars N.700

Knuckles Down - Logo Down

1Jeff G.238,000
2Aaron S.212,820
3Eric A.3,000
4Scott C.3,000
5Steven D.1,840
6Wayne D.1,500
7Thomas K.1,020
8Peter W.900
9Christopher J C.800
10DANIEL S.545
11Stephen B.500
12James S.500
13Lars N.400
14Austin L.290
15Paul B.225
16Gary G.200
17Brian W.150
18Frédéric D.150
19Ib S.150
20jay s.100

Lose the Right Hand - Release Drill

1Jack K.25

5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Club Release

1Hardy B.8,205
2Joshua H.6,800
3Paresh B.6,000
4Daniel B.3,000
5Richard G.3,000
6Scott C.3,000
7david r.2,700
8Kurt G.2,600
9darren h.1,635
10andré g.1,575
11Patrick P.1,500
12Matt G.1,500
13James S.1,400
14Larry P.1,200
15Joseph P.1,025
16Dave B.1,010
17jay s.1,000
18DANIEL S.840
19Lars N.800
20kim E.740

Right Elbow Pit in Golf Backswing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Robert D.1,530
4richard f.1,100
5jon p.720
6Eric A.500
7Danny T.300
8jay s.300
9Patrick P.200
10Kirk U.150
11Lars N.111
12Ted S.50
13Jack K.25
14Robert L.2

Keep the Right Arm Straight to Turn

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Eric A.2,500
4Dean P.1,600
5jon p.745
6Noel K.500
7Don K.300
8James S.150
9Kirk U.150
10Lars N.111
11Bunloo V.100
12Robert D.70
13Guenter S.60
14Richard H.50
15Douglas C.50
16Thomas R.50
17Ted S.50
18Jack K.45
19John G.40

Trace the Plane Line


Reshaping Your Golf Swing for Lag

1Scott C.3,000
2Peter C.1,500
3Lars N.750
4Billy B.750
5Patrick P.700
6David F.600
7Leo G.500
8Leslie C.500
9Daniel B.390
10DANIEL S.220
11Cindy W.150
12Mike M.150
13Jesse M.120
14Guenter S.120
15Ted S.100
16Larry P.100
17William M.75
18Patrick G.50
19Ib S.50
20Peter S.50

9 to 3 Lag Building Drills

1Jeff G.7,000
2Scott C.3,000
3John G.560
5jim O.500
6Billy B.450
7Lars N.372
8Guenter S.300
9Kirk U.200
10Jack E.200
11Norbert K.200
12Bunloo V.200
13Mart N.165
14James S.100
15Peter C.100
16don p.100
17Jonas H.60
18Ken B.50
19Ted S.50
20Ib S.50

Day 1: Impact Control


Day 2: Hitting Low Shots


Day 3: Hitting High Shots


Day 5: Playing the Fade


Day 4: How to Play the Draw


Day 6: High and Low Fade


Day 7: High and Low Draw


Day 8: Driver Tricks for Shot Shaping


Day 9: 9 Ball Shot Shaping Drill


4 Square Golf Swing Drill

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Larry P.500
4Lars N.280
5Dong X.50
6Thomas R.50
7Ted S.50
8Guenter S.30
9Patrick P.25
10Daniel S.10
11Robert L.3

Lag and Speed Drills


Throw for More Natural Golf Swing


Stop Coming Over the Top in the Golf Swing and Slicing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Lars N.450
4Kirk U.250
5Tom S.250
6Richard H.200
7David M.100
8Guenter S.90
9Mark k.90
10Jack K.50
11Ted S.50
12daniel44575 d.50
13Stephan L.20
14john g.20
15Debra H.20
16Dan P.10
17john h.10
18Robert L.2
19Laurent M.1
20Adrian Jose G.1

Wide-Narrow-Wide Golf Swing Shape

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3richard f.725
4Lars N.350
5Kirk U.200
6Billy B.160
7Paul L.100
8Guenter S.60
9Jack K.50
10Ted S.50
11Ib S.25
12Jeffrey F.25
13Robert D.20
14Robert L.5

How to Fix Golf Reverse Pivot

1Jeff G.4,000
2Dwayne W.3,100
3Raimo T.3,050
4Nathan H.3,000
5Brian S.3,000
6richard s.3,000
7bob l.3,000
8Robert S.3,000
9Justin R.3,000
10Daniel R.3,000
11Gary G.3,000
12Jack K.3,000
13Vic C.3,000
14Scott C.3,000
15Scott C.3,000
16Robin F.3,000
17BRADLEY s.3,000
18adam l.3,000
19shawn k.3,000
20Robert K.3,000

Start Downswing Before Completing Backswing

1Nathan H.6,000
2Jeff G.5,100
3Raimo T.3,100
4Randy S.3,050
5Scott C.3,000
6Chad J.3,000
7Eric A.3,000
8Bob S.2,500
9Dwayne W.2,500
10Aaron S.2,265
11Peter W.2,100
12BRADLEY s.2,000
13shawn k.1,925
14Lars N.1,750
15John L.1,750
16Gary G.1,600
17Jonathan Y.1,500
18Robert D.1,390
19Donley W.1,325
20Tom W.1,275

Weight Shift Drill - Lift the Heels


Over the Top Stick Drill


Throw the Ball Drill Part 2

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Eric A.500
4Lars N.333
5Danny T.300
6Larry P.200
7Jack K.75
8Ted S.50
9jay s.50
10Robert D.40
11Denny H.25
12Ib S.25
13Mark S.20
14Adrian Jose G.1
15Lars K.-1

Right Knee Laser Beam Drill


How to Use Hips in the Golf Swing


Golf Left Thumb: Fix Pain, Soreness, Casting

1Jeff G.3,800
2Scott C.3,000
3Mark k.500
4Gary G.500
5Lars N.450
6Kirk U.350
7David M.300
8Thomas R.110
9Billy B.100
10Reed W.100
11Bunloo V.100
12Hector A.100
13Jack K.50
14Ted S.50
15Guenter S.30
16Robin H.10
17Lee B.5
18Debra H.1
19John B.1

Right Arm in Downswing: Stop Casting


Stop Slicing and Start Releasing the Golf Club

1Adrian Jose G.1

Left Knee Laser Beam Drill


Drill for Golf Downswing Sequencing


Straight Left Leg at Impact


Step-by-Step Right Arm Drills


The Bucket Drill - Golf Shoulder Turn

1Bob S.5,200
2Jeff G.5,000
3Daniel B.3,000
4Scott C.3,000
5James M.1,300
6Richard M.1,200
7Dwayne W.1,000
8Dennis B.807
9Gary G.600
10Antonio M.600
11Stephen M.500
12José C.250
13Guenter S.210
14Jason G.200
15Lars N.200
16Thomas Q.150
17Richard H.150
18William P.150
19Hector A.150
20Alain R.150

Stop Coming Over the Top and Slicing


Increase Golf Swing Speed by Decelerating


Pool Noodle Drill for Shoulder Elevation

1Chris B.100

RST Pencil Tee Drill

1Scott C.3,000
2Lars N.400
3Dean P.400
4Guenter S.300
5David M.100
6William M.50
7Jack K.50
8Ted S.50
9Robert L.1
10Daniel S.0

Vijay Release Drill

1Scott C.3,000
2Christopher J C.1,900
3Mark D.700
4Alain R.600
5Lars N.500
6Frédéric D.500
7Douglas C.300
9Patrick P.200
10Paul C.200
11Bunloo V.200
12Ryan S.165
13Paresh B.100
14Larry P.100
15Eric A.100
16Guenter S.90
17John G.60
18Ted S.50
19Jack K.50
20Robert B.50

RST Golf Swing Tempo Drill

1Peter K.5,000
2BRADLEY s.4,500
3Jeff G.3,800
4adam l.3,700
5Bob S.3,600
6Raimo T.3,200
7Jack K.3,150
8shawn k.3,075
9Scott C.3,000
10Scott C.3,000
11Robert K.3,000
12Nathan H.3,000
13Daniel B.3,000
14Eric A.3,000
15Saso T.3,000
16Robin F.3,000
17Daniel R.3,000
18Christopher J C.2,800
19Peter W.2,600
20Robert D.2,593

Squat to Square in the Golf Downswing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Chad J.3,000
3Scott C.3,000
4Bob S.2,600
5Chan H.2,600
6Lars N.2,050
7Peter W.1,800
8Jacques R.1,690
9Dwayne W.1,400
10Hardy B.1,325
11DANIEL S.1,305
12richard f.1,200
13Richard M.1,200
14Patrick P.1,000
15Aaron S.1,000
16Raimo T.900
17Steven D.900
18Gary G.800
19Russell T.750
20Luc M.720

Frisbee Drill for Sequencing Downswing

1Scott C.3,000
2jay s.500
3Robert J.250
4Kirk U.220
5Kevin F.200
6Andrew4147 J.200
7Robert M.150
8Douglas C.100
9Robin C.100
10Manuel G.100
11Patrick P.100
12don p.100
13Bunloo V.100
14Mike M.75
15Robert F.70
16Jim C.60
17Ted S.50
18David M.50
19Sam M.50
20Theunie L.50

How to Swing From The Ground Up - Golf Swing Transition

1Jeff G.5,600
2Raimo T.3,200
3Nathan H.3,000
4Scott C.3,000
5Bob S.2,500
6Chad J.2,350
7Peter W.2,100
8shawn k.1,950
9Dwayne W.1,600
10Daniel S.1,315
11Tom W.1,275
12Guy M.1,207
13Richard M.1,200
14Gary G.1,100
15Robert D.1,055
16Roger R.1,000
17Reginald W.1,000
18Lars N.975
19Russell T.600
20Stephen B.600

Left eye downswing drill


Fix Your Release

1jesse w.2,000
2jay s.600
3Jack K.250
4Susan W.1

Right Knee Downswing Drill


Winter Golf Training Program - Backswing

1darren h.3,160
2Joseph D.1,325
3Robert D.160
4Dan C.100
5Dominic D.10

Winter Golf Training Program - Downswing

1Robert D.100

Golf Training Program, Winter Golf Training Program

1darren h.3,151
2Dan C.100
3Ross S.0

Perfect your golf impact - 1 of 4

1Peter K.10,000
2Ed M.3,040
3Wayne D.2,200
4Guenter S.1,410
5Gerard S.1,000
6Eric A.1,000
7Christopher M C.900
8Gerry W.600
9Mark S.475
10Stephen P.380
11Thomas R.300
12James S.200
13Larry S.200
14Donley W.200
15roger w.200
16Andrew4147 J.50

Perfect your golf impact - 2 of 4

1Guenter S.1,740
2Ed M.1,325
3Wayne D.1,000
4Peter K.1,000
5Gerard S.600
6Mark S.500
7Thomas R.50

Perfect your golf impact - 3 of 4

1Guenter S.1,440
2Mark S.305
3Gerard S.200

Perfect your golf impact - 4 of 4

1Guenter S.300
2Mark S.150

Perfecting your golf impact - Bonus

1Dominic D.10

Maintain The Tush Line - Chair Drill

1Jacques R.450
2Ib S.25

How To Use A Golf Impact Bag Properly

1Ted S.3,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Guenter S.300
4Richard H.300
5Kirk U.300
7edward b.100
8Larry P.100
9Mart N.50
10jay s.50

Throw the Club Head at the Golf Ball

1Jeff G.10,000
2Scott C.3,000
3marcia o.1,300
4Lars N.900
5Peter W.600
7Dan W.275
8Leo G.100
9Eric A.100
10Eric O.100
11Patrick P.50
12Robert D.50
13Jack K.50
14Ted S.50
15Don K.50
16Guenter S.30
17Robert L.10
18Mark k.5
19John B.1
20Debra H.1

Step 1 - Weight Shift - Drill Only

1Aaron R.6,306,560
2Michael F.55,800
3Ron A. Sr. N.21,000
4Tom B.16,740
5marcia o.16,550
6Dennis S.11,675
7James D.10,900
8Richard P.9,570
9Peter K.8,455
10Tom D.8,300
11Bob M.7,555
12Arek M.7,000
13Jason T.6,400
14Mark L.6,145
15Lars G.6,100
16David N.6,009
17phillip m.6,000
18Greg C.6,000
19George C.5,800
20James S.5,700

Step 2 - Core Rotation - Drill Only

1Michael F.25,000
2Ron A. Sr. N.20,900
3marcia o.15,325
4Gary S.13,185
5Dennis S.11,675
6Ian C.11,200
7James D.10,400
8Richard P.7,325
9Arek M.7,000
10William W.7,000
11Anthony P.6,650
12Jim K.6,290
13Bob M.6,025
14Jeff S.6,000
15Peter K.5,800
16Jason T.5,700
17darren h.5,615
18Steve M.5,475
19rod G.5,399
20Steve D.5,373

Step 3 - Add the Lead Arm - Drill Only

1Ron A. Sr. N.20,200
2marcia o.13,250
3Charles G.12,420
4Dennis S.11,675
5Michael F.10,700
6James D.10,400
7Arek M.7,000
8darren h.6,134
9anthony m.6,000
10Stewart A.6,000
11Richard D.5,935
12Ian C.5,800
13James C.5,450
14Bob M.5,330
15James R.5,300
16Bradley R.5,025
17Christopher M C.5,000
18pdodd43342 p.5,000
19William S.5,000
20Jim K.4,625

Step 4 - Add the Golf Club - Drill Only

1Michael F.24,200
2Ron A. Sr. N.19,300
3marcia o.12,225
4Dennis S.11,675
5Ian C.11,100
6James D.10,300
7Jim K.6,355
8darren h.6,007
9Richard D.6,000
10Jay S.5,070
11Christopher M C.5,000
12Arek M.5,000
13Jeff G.5,000
14William S.5,000
15John V.4,400
16Gary S.4,325
17James G.4,000
18James S.4,000
19Tom B.3,995
20T David S.3,930

Step 5 - Add the Trailing Arm - Drill Only

1Ron A. Sr. N.18,100
2Michael F.16,000
3marcia o.14,125
4Dennis S.11,675
5James D.9,900
6Tom D.8,600
7Oliver K.6,420
8Scott C.6,000
9Jeff G.5,000
10Richard Raoul D.4,450
11James G.4,000
12Lesley W.4,000
13James S.4,000
14Christopher M C.3,935
15Shane P.3,800
16David S.3,600
17Brian F.3,450
18BRIAN D.3,400
19Richard D.3,350
20Dean P.3,350

The Orange Whip Lag Drill

1marcia o.5,300
2Eric A.3,000
3Ted S.3,000
4Scott C.3,000
5Patrick P.1,000
6Billy B.500
7jon p.225
8Paul L.200
9Adrian C.150
10Marc D.100

4 Step Golf Swing Lag Builder

1Scott C.3,000
2Ted S.3,000
3Billy B.200
4Guenter S.30
5Robert L.5

Laser Beam Knee Drills for Stability

1Jacques R.3,025
2Daniel B.3,020
3Scott C.3,000
4Jeff G.3,000
5Bob S.2,600
6Michael M.2,400
7Richard M.1,200
8Jesse M.1,000
9Dwayne W.800
10James M.750
11Gary G.600
12Allen C.500
13Stephen M.500
14Robert D.430
15Lars N.400
16Ryan S.350
17shawn k.325
18jon p.295
19jay s.220
20Christopher L.200

You Hit the Golf Ball with Your LEGS!!

1Jeff G.3,400
2Scott C.3,000
3Roger R.3,000
4FENG YAO C.3,000
5Raimo T.3,000
6Nathan H.3,000
7Tom W.2,700
8Bob S.2,600
9andré g.2,250
10Peter W.2,100
11Chad J.2,000
12Robert D.1,850
13shawn k.1,500
14Dwayne W.1,400
15Richard M.1,200
16jon p.1,150
17Matt T.1,050
18Patrick P.1,000
19Jon F.1,000
20Noel K.1,000

Core Rotation - Left Arm - Club - RSA

1Michael F.20,200
2Enni S.4,300
3Antonio M.4,000
4Gary H.3,920
5Chris T.3,380
6James P.3,300
7Roger C.3,200
8Jack N.3,100
9Lawrence T.3,075
10sean f.3,000
11Jeffrey H.3,000
12Miles Y.3,000
13Scott H.3,000
14Onome O.2,550
15James B.2,400
16Michael L.2,200
17James G.2,109
18Kim S.2,000
19David D.1,900
20adam r.1,820

How to Keep Your Left Arm Straight in the Backswing

1Jeff G.10,000
2Daniel R.3,000
3Scott C.3,000
4Peter W.900
5Luc M.645
6Stephen B.550
7Lars N.450
8Kirk U.350
9Frédéric D.350
10Dwayne W.300
11Donley W.200
12Mike M.200
13Billy B.175
14DANIEL S.160
15Robert D.120
16Reed W.100
17Ib S.100
18José C.50
19Jack K.50
20John K.50

Increase Clubhead Speed with Your Pinky

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Christopher J C.600
4Lars N.450
5Kirk U.200
6Zubair a.200
7Renzo C.150
8Michael O.100
9Bunloo V.100
10tim b.100
11Stephen B.100
12Guenter S.90
13Barry P.60
14Stephan L.50
15Eric O.50
16Ted S.50
17Mark k.50
18Larry P.50
19Dennis K.50
20Jack K.50

The Best Training Aid in Golf

1Jack K.835
2daniel44575 d.50
3Ross S.0

Eliminate Early Extension in Golf Swing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Bob S.2,400
4Chad J.2,000
5Jacques R.1,225
6Richard M.1,200
7Dwayne W.900
8Peter W.600
9Raimo T.600
10Stephen B.500
11Doug J.450
12Lars N.450
13jon p.450
14David M.400
15Cary B.400
16Gary G.300
17Kirk U.300
18Leo G.300
19Jerry B.250
20José C.220

Pro Power Move

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Gary G.1,000
4Peter W.900
5Aaron S.580
6Lars N.550
7Robert T.500
8Kirk U.200
9Dong X.150
10Robin S.100
11Reed W.100
12Hector A.100
13Denny H.80
14David M.50
15Ted S.50
16Jack K.50
17jay s.50
18daniel44575 d.50
19Robert D.45
20don p.40

Upper vs. Lower Body Rotation in Backswing

1Jeff G.5,100
2Raimo T.3,050
3Roger R.3,000
4Reginald W.3,000
5Scott C.3,000
6Nathan H.3,000
7Bob S.2,600
8Gary G.2,400
9Peter W.2,100
10shawn k.1,850
11Dwayne W.1,800
12Richard M.1,200
13Christopher J C.1,000
14Robert D.950
15Lars N.870
16shayne k.850
17Danny T.750
18David M.600
19Chad J.600
20Reed W.555

Weight Shift Sweep Drills

1Peter K.5,000
2Jeff G.4,300
3shawn k.3,150
4Jack K.3,150
5Raimo T.3,100
6Saso T.3,000
7Robert K.3,000
8Scott C.3,000
9Nathan H.3,000
10Robin F.3,000
11Daniel R.3,000
12Scott C.3,000
13Eric A.3,000
14Daniel B.3,000
15Bob S.2,800
16Christopher J C.2,800
17Peter W.2,600
18Tom W.2,450
19Michael M.2,450
20Melody W.2,425

My Golf Power Secret

1Jeff G.10,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Lars N.1,100
4Peter W.600
5jay s.200
6Dong X.100
7Hector A.50
8Ted S.50
9Jack K.50
10Guenter S.30
11Mark k.10
12Robert L.5
13Debra H.2
14Keith S.1

Sam Snead Power Squat

1Jeff G.5,500
2Scott C.3,000
3Bob S.2,500
4Richard M.1,200
5Dwayne W.1,000
6Lars N.515
7Jesse M.505
8Mark k.500
9Vic C.500
10José C.470
11Jacques R.400
12Eric A.300
13Devon J.200
14Reed W.200
15jay s.200
16jack b.160
17Guenter S.150
18jon p.135
19Yi H.100
20Jeffrey F.80

Left Hand Power Release Drill

1Ron T.3,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Luc M.1,715
4Larry P.1,200
5Daniel B.1,200
6Lars N.1,200
7Steve M.600
8James S.360
9Alain R.300
10Mike W.200
11John G.200
12DANIEL S.160
13Alain C.100
14Daniel A.90
15Robert D.60
16Jesse M.50
17Ted S.50
18William M.50
19Don K.50
20Jack K.50

RSA Power Release Program

1Gary H.3,720
2Roger C.3,030
3Jack N.2,050
4Lawrence T.1,950
5Michael L.1,600
6James B.1,315
7Kim S.1,240
8Enni S.1,200
9Chris T.1,100
10Steve P.525
11Antonio M.475
12Matt M.400
13Glenn S.250
14Doug M.200
15Miles Y.200
16David S.200
17Gerald R.150
18James C.150
19Arthur P.125
20John F.100

9 to 3 Drill Program for RSA

1Michael F.5,200
2Gary H.4,000
3Antonio M.3,525
4Roger C.3,020
5Lawrence T.2,350
6Enni S.1,650
7Glenn S.950
8Kim S.900
9Michael L.640
10James B.635
11James G.540
12John F.300
13Scott H.275
14Steve P.200
15Matt M.200
16Jack K.150
17Martin S.101
18Ron B.100
19David S.100
20DAVID G.100

RSA Heavy Club Training Program

1Roger C.700
2Matt M.600
3ken m.200
4James B.200
5Antonio M.175
6Steve P.160
7Michael L.135
8Steven P.100
9Ron B.100
10Glenn S.50
11Jochen B.35

RSA Overspeed Program

1Matt M.300
2James C.200
3Steve P.50
4James B.40
5Jochen B.35
6Michael L.35
7Mike G.10
8Michael F.1

How to Get Perfect Shaft Lean at Impact

1Scott C.3,000
2Daniel B.3,000
3Danny T.500
4Larry P.500
5Guenter S.180
6Ted S.50
7Jack K.50
8William M.50
9Robert B.50
10Suzette T.20
12Adrian Jose G.3
13Robert L.2

Impact Cube Lag Drill

1Scott C.3,000
2Dean P.1,000
3William M.500
4Eric A.500
5Guenter S.60
6Ted S.50
7Jack K.50
8jay s.20

2 Finger Release Drill

1Scott C.3,000
2Gary G.300
3Alain R.300
4Lars N.150
5Paresh B.100
6jim O.100
7Larry P.100
8Jack K.50
9Thomas R.50
10Ted S.50
11Jeffrey F.50
12jay s.50
13Guenter S.30
14Mark S.25
16Laurent M.20
17Robert L.2
18Adrian Jose G.1

RSA Full Swing Kaboodle


Problems w/ Overturning Your Hips in the Backswing

1Jeff G.5,000
2jay s.3,700
3Scott C.3,000
4Bob S.2,500
5Jacques R.1,850
6Richard M.1,200
7Dwayne W.800
8Mark k.500
9Lars N.350
10Kirk U.250
11Reed W.200
12William M.100
13José C.80
14Guenter S.60
15Leo G.50
16Jack K.50
17Ted S.50
18Ryan S.20
19Robin H.20
20Hector A.20

Golf Backswing Shoulder Plane Drill

1Jeff G.5,000
2Daniel B.3,020
3Scott C.3,000
4Raimo T.1,800
5Peter W.1,700
6Christopher N.1,300
7Richard M.1,200
8shayne k.900
9Alain R.760
10Lars N.750
11Stephen M.500
12Mark k.500
13Robert D.410
14Dwayne W.400
15Jacques R.400
16Michael M.350
17Kirk U.300
18Gary G.300
19DANIEL S.300
20shawn k.225

Fix Your Swing Sway w/ the Wall Drill

1Daniel B.3,020
2Scott C.3,000
3Jeff G.3,000
4Richard M.1,200
5Gary G.500
6Mark k.500
7Stephen M.500
8shawn k.300
9Dwayne W.200
10Lars N.150
11David S.125
12Charles P.100
13Kirk U.100
14Larry P.100
15William M.75
16Ted S.50
17Dana B.50
18Jack K.50
19Hector A.50

Shake Hands for a Perfect Golf Swing

1Scott C.3,000
2Dean P.2,500
3Lars N.550
4William M.500
5Billy B.175
7Jesse M.100
8Ted S.50
9Jack K.50
10Mohammad Shah S.40
11Guenter S.30
12Thomas R.25
13Mark S.15
14Adrian Jose G.7
15Robert L.2

Side Bend in the Golf Downswing

1Jeff G.5,000
2Scott C.3,000
3Bob S.2,500
4Richard M.1,200
5Jacques R.700
6Eric A.500
7Mark k.500
8Stephen M.500
9Dwayne W.400
10Lars N.350
11DANIEL S.305
12Raimo T.300
13Kirk U.300
14Leo G.200
15Gary G.200
16Reed W.150
17William M.100
18Guenter S.60
19Ted S.50
20jay s.50

How to Fix an Inside Takeaway

1Daniel B.3,000
2Scott C.3,000
3William M.500
4Lars N.250
5Robert D.150
6Bunloo V.100
7Ted S.50
8Jack K.50
9Guenter S.30
10Thomas R.25
11Debra H.20
12Mark S.15
13Adrian Jose G.9
14Mark k.5

Belly Button Takeaway Drill

1Scott C.3,000
2Patrick P.1,000
3Leslie C.350
4Lars N.250
5Austin L.200
6Brian W.150
7Larry P.100
8Robin H.50
9nico s.50
10Ted S.50
11Mark S.50
12Jack K.50
13Douglas C.50
14Guenter S.30
15Adrian Jose G.8
16Robert D.5

Sklz Gold Flex Lag Trainer

1Scott C.3,000
2Guenter S.450
4Jason G.100
5James S.50
6Ted S.50
7richard f.50
8Lars N.10

My SECRET Consistency Routine


Master the Golf Transition

1Kelly G.1,000
2James P.200
3adam r.100
4Kim S.50

How to Shallow the Golf Club