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The new DEAD Drill is the fastest way to RADICALLY transform your swing - period. The drill is incredibly simple, but must be done correctly in order to see huge improvement in your distance, control and consistency. To make it fast and easy to learn, the DEAD Drill is broken down into 6 short videos that cover each key checkpoint. Work through each checkpoint in order and make sure you're watching yourself in front of a mirror and videoing yourself doing the drills so you know if you're doing them correctly. If you're uncertain, submit your swing for your review - we're here to help you get results!

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DEAD Drill Step 1

Reference Videos:

1. Wall Drill
2. Right Hip Line
3. Neck Tie Drill
4. Shoulder Plane Drill
5. Load Trail Leg

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Recent Comments

Craig - this is the face on view of the pull below. It looks like I have too much lag and am not posted up early enough - too much axis tilt as well
Posted by Kevin 8 hrs ago
Great, thank you.
Posted by Mike 9 hrs ago
Hello Gary. Yes, one set is worth 50 reps with the goal of 3 Sets per session, or day. Sounds like you have about 450 reps logged in so far and well on your way.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 11 hrs ago
Hello Lucas. Your after looks much better and diagnosis of the before is correct. Right now from the images it's just some excessive head movement off the ball. Combine your axis tilt and shoulder plane work with the Fix Your Swing Sway Drill. More than likely some lead shoulder push moving the head a bit too much.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 11 hrs ago
Hello Rick. Getting reviews are definitely worth it (biased as I teach them ;). However, players tend to have different problems. And, what better way to make sure what you are working on is tailored to your specific need. Playing lots of golf is tough while making a swing change. But, at least your instructor can keep hammering home the main points you need to be focusing on to not lose sight of the goal.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 11 hrs ago
Hello Marcel. If you keep pulling through those would be the main culprits. But, you also are delaying rotation of the face. Hurting yourself of that free speed with the toe rotating around the heel.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 11 hrs ago
Hello William. Yes, you have to keep in check that trail shoulder spin/push. When you get more comfortable with the post it will trigger the release. Good release comes from non-spinning shoulders and great post up.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 12 hrs ago
Hello William. For drill only the shoulders will be practically level with the ground at impact. When adding the club and trail arm the lead shoulder will be higher. So, you don't need to be in a negative tilt position, or actually have the lead shoulder lower than the trail at impact. In the transition, the lead shoulder will be lower because you are maintaining the shoulder plane you created in the backswing.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 12 hrs ago
My common fault is opening the hips too quick and my body and head going with the lower body at the same time- i know my head is ahead of the ball but i can't seem to stop it all the time. My miss is either a block to the right as i try to recover or a low flat shot to the left. Which drills should i focus on? Thanks
Posted by David 12 hrs ago
Hello Marco. Love hearing the game has improved. There must be a power leak somewhere. I would suggest a swing review for best diagnosis. Also, take a look How Swing Speed Affects Compression for some helpful hints.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 13 hrs ago
Start Here

Setup & Intro

Before you dive into the 5 Step System, you must have a solid setup.
RST Foundation

1. Start Here! How to Use RST and the Site
How to use RotarySwing.com and the revolutionary RST golf swing method to improve your golf swing. Wondering where to start? Start here! Learn how to ...
2. What is the Rotary Golf Swing?
A quick introduction to the science-based Rotary Swing Tour (RST) golf swing system. The RST online golf instruction videos which teach you a proper g ...
3. How to Use RepTracker
How to use the RepTracker to keep track of your progress
4. Golf Posture | Correct Golf Setup
Golf posture is one of the most overlooked critical aspects of the golf swing, but one of the easiest places to make big improvements! This golf instr ...
5. Finding True Golf Swing Balance
Finding proper balance is a key fundamental to a sound golf swing. This video talks about how to find true balance and gives you a drill to help you s ...
6. Determining Proper Stance Width
Do you think your stance width is based on the width of your shoulders? Think again...
7. How to Stack RST Golf Swing Drills
Rotary Golf Swing is all about stacking drills, one on top of the other, to methodically build the proper golf swing fundamentals.
8. Weight on the Balls of the Feet
There are numerous problems with this old swing myth that you should setup on the balls of the feet. We address some of the potential dangers and pitf ...
9. Progressive Nature of RST Drills
This is a MUST WATCH video if you're serious about improving your golf swing this year. This golf instruction video explains how to practice and do th ...
10. How Far to Stand from the Golf Ball
Learn how far you should stand from the ball at setup.
11. Connect to Your Core - Get in Box
This video gives you a drill to get connected to your core and "in the box." It is imperative for power transfer from the big muscles in your body and ...
12. Axis Tilt at Setup and Why It's So Important
The last key piece to understand how to get setup properly is to get the proper amount of axis tilt at address. The hip bump in this video will help y ...
13. Hinging From the Hip
How do you determine the proper spine angle at address? This video shows you how and talks about hinging properly from the hip.
14. How Knee Flex Determines Swing Plane
Do you struggle with swinging too far from the inside? Part of the problem could actually be your knee flex.
15. The Golf Grip - How To
Much has been written on the importance of a good grip over the years, Ben Hogan devoted 17 pages to it in his book "Five Fundamentals", making it see ...
16. Proper Golf Ball Position
The answer to whether the ball position should be a constant or moved from club to club.
RST 5 Step

17. The Best Training Aid in Golf
Learn about the BEST golf training aid and how to use it to shave 10 strokes off your game!
18. TRUTHS of Instruction - Part 1
RotarySwing.com exposes the dark and nasty truths about golf instruction and why it has failed the average joe duffer.
19. TRUTHS of Instruction - Part 2
A continuation of part 1...
20. TRUTHS of Instruction - Part 3
This video discusses the fundamentals of the golf swing from a high-level perspective by first defining what a fundamental is.
21. TRUTHS of Instruction - How the Brain Learns
The key here is understanding how the brain learns new movement patterns. You will struggle to improve your golf swing if you don't first understand h ...
22. How the Brain Learns New Movement Patterns - Part 5
Continuation of Part 4, we get more in depth on neuro-muscular re-education.
Deeper Learning

23. Problems Caused by Poor Ball Position
Having the ball in the wrong position will not only cost you accuracy, but as this video teaches you, distance as well.
24. Should You Splay Your Feet At Setup
In a perfect golf setup, should your feet point out or be square to the target? This premium video answers the question and tells you why. I'll dis ...
25. Swing Faults When Your Stance is Too Wide
One of the most common problems with the setup, here's what happens when your stance is too wide.
26. Anchor to the Ground
Do the outside of your shoes bulge at address? Then you need to learn to get anchored at address for hip stability throughout the swing.
27. How to Align Your Body for Straight Golf Shots
If you don't know how to aim in golf, your RST mechanics won't matter. Find out how you can master alignment.
28. Diagnosing the Cause of Bad Golf Shots
Learn how simple it is to diagnose every single bad golf shot you hit utilizing RotarySwing
29. Right Side Dominance at Setup
This golf setup check is critical to getting rid of a reverse pivot and over the top downswing. If you're setup is right side dominant, you will strug ...
30. Golf Alignment of Your Feet
Alignment in golf requires an understanding of where your feet are actually pointing and determining what reference point to use for your alignment to ...
31. The Gorilla Grip
Here’s a golf instruction myth about the grip that can’t die soon enough. The myth states that you should grip the golf club based on however your ...
RST Drills

32. 5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Setup
This follow along video teaches you the perfect setup in only 5 minutes. This video includes a program to follow at the end that will have you setting ...
33. Taking Your Golf Swing Drills to the Course
How to take what you're doing with your golf swing drills in front of the mirror to the golf course.
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Step 1

Weight Shift

Weight shift is the foundation to all athletic hitting and throwing motions and is at the core of the biomechanically ideal Rotary Swing Tour system.
RST Foundation

1. Intro to Weight Shift in the Golf Swing
Weight shift in the golf swing is the FIRST thing you must master before worrying about any other movement. Once weight shift is mastered, other thing ...
2. The Big Picture of the Golf Swing
Don't lose sight of the forest for the trees! This video gives you the "big picture" view of what you're really trying to work on in your golf swing.
3. The TRUE Fundamentals of the Golf Swing
Do you REALLY know what the fundamentals of the golf swing are?
4. DEAD Drill Step 2 - The Transition
The DEAD Drill transition is DEAD simple. One move to have a powerful and dynamic transition in your golf swing.
5. Why Golf Is So Hard!
Finally! The answer to why so many otherwise good athletes struggle with golf! If you've asked yourself why you're good at other sports but just can't ...
6. DEAD Drill Step 3 - The Post-Up
The Post Up move is where all the magic happens in the golf downswing. If you've never released the club properly, you're likely not posting up proper ...
7. Closed Hip Slide
A closed hip slide is detrimental to your golf swing when learning how to shift your weight. Learn what a closed hip slide is and how to fix it in you ...
8. How To Practice Golf
How do I practice is the most common question I hear and this video helps you understand how to make the most of your practice time.
RST 5 Step

9. RST Five Step Golf Swing - Introduction
This is the introduction video for the revolutionary RST 5 Step Golf Swing Mastery System.
10. Step 1 - Weight Shift
Step 1 of the RST 5 Step System - Mastering Weight Shift
11. Step 1 - Weight Shift - Drill Only
Step 1 - Weight shift drills
Deeper Learning

12. Weight Shift in the Golf Swing - Pt. 1
Using our Science and Motion (SAM) Balance Lab, we can pin point weight shift and weight distribution of golfers in real time. In this video, use the ...
13. Weight Shift Part 2 - Right Hip Line
In this second video on understanding weight shift in the golf swing, I discuss specifically the "right hip line" and how understanding what it is wil ...
14. Weight Shift Part 3 - To the Left
The culmination in the three part series on correct weight shift in the golf swing gets us off the right side and loaded onto the left glute. This vid ...
15. Which Muscles to Feel During Golf Swing Transition
Learn exactly which muscles you should feel and in what sequence during the golf swing transition.
16. How to Fix Golf Reverse Pivot
A reverse pivot golf swing can cause a whole lot of bad shots, from hitting it thin to hitting shanks. And to make matters worse, it can cause some se ...
RST Drills

17. 5 Minute Golf Setup w/ Weight Shift
Once you've mastered the setup, you can add weight shift to your program to begin developing the motor skills needed for one of the most important asp ...
18. Weight Shift Sweep Drills
The best golf swing drill for weight shift right before you play or when you're just on the practice tee warming up.
19. RST Golf Swing Tempo Drill
Tempo is the "glue" that holds your swing together, especially when things aren't going your way. This drill shows you an excellent move to help "re-t ...
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Step 2

Core Rotation

You're now going to learn how the pros create power with minimal effort using the big muscles of the trunk and core.


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RST Foundation

1. Intro to Core Rotation in Golf Swing
The rotating core is the "engine" of the golf swing and the primary mover of the entire swing. Once you've mastered weight shift, you'll want to start ...
2. Start Downswing Before Completing Backswing
You need to start your downswing before completing your backswing. This pro-style transition is a key for consistency and distance. The drill in this ...
3. Understanding Shoulder Blade Glide
If you have questions about exactly what the shoulder blade glide is or what it should feel like, this video is the answer.
4. DEAD Drill Step 1 - The Backswing
Here's the first step in building your perfect golf swing using the DEAD Drill. It's critical that you master the backswing movement and each checkpoi ...
5. You Hit the Golf Ball with Your LEGS!!
You hit the ball with your legs, specifically your lead leg, not your hands in RST. Learn how the long hitters on the PGA Tour and Long Drive Associat ...
6. My Golf Backswing Secrets
My keys to success for a perfect golf backswing - how to make the backswing simple and repeatable. If you struggle with either your takeaway or the ba ...
7. Upper vs. Lower Body Rotation in Backswing
Confused about how your upper body rotates in the backswing compared to your lower body? This video gives you a unique way to think about it to make i ...
8. Load Right Leg / Shorten Swing / Greater Consistency
If you want greater consistency, more power with less effort and a more compact backswing, this is the quickest and simplest fix.
9. How to Swing From The Ground Up - Golf Swing Transition
How many times have you heard that you should start your golf downswing from the ground up? What does that even mean? You know it's important, but don ...
10. Left Knee Movement in the Golf Swing
How to be a more consistent golfer by just changing what your left knee does in the backswing.
11. Speed vs. Power in the Golf Swing
Speed vs. Power - Which is it that you want in the golf swing? Many golfers think they need to generate more "power" in their swings to hit the ball f ...
12. Squeeze the Cheeks for Consistency
The glute muscles (your butt cheeks) are some of the most important muscles in the golf swing. Without understanding how to use your glutes properly, ...
13. How to Maintain Club Head Speed as You Get Older
You don't have to start hitting it dramatically shorter just because you're getting older. This video tells you exactly why you've lost a ton of clubh ...
RST 5 Step

14. Step 2 - Core Rotation
Step 2- Adding body rotation
15. Step 2 - Core Rotation - Drill Only
The drill only for Step 2 - Body Rotation
Deeper Learning

16. Squat to Square in the Golf Downswing
If you watch golf on TV, it seems that you can't turn your hips fast enough or far enough in the downswing. This video gives you a great drill that sh ...
17. The Tiger Squat
One of Tiger Woods' most powerful and wrongfully criticized moves in his golf swing. Learn how this move helps stabilize the hips and build power in t ...
18. Golf Swing Sequence - How the Lower Body Works
Struggle with coming over the top or don't know how to use your lower body in the golf swing? This video explains the golf swing sequence and the sequ ...
19. How to Fix Golf Back Pain
Understand what moves cause back pain in the golf swing and how to fix them.
20. Hip Speed vs. Hand Speed in Golf Swing
How fast should the hips and hands move in the golf swing? Can the hips move "too fast" in the down swing? Will moving the hips faster move the clubhe ...
21. Eliminate Early Extension in Golf Swing
The REAL causes of early extension in the golf swing and the only TRUE way to fix it.
22. Torso, Hips Over Rotating in Backswing
How much shoulder turn is too much and how much is not enough? Depends on how it's measured... At some point you need to understand shoulder blade pro ...
23. Role of the Right Foot in Downswing
Footwork is a bit of a misnomer in the golf swing but you hear it every week on TV. What is it and how do you do it? This video shows you the critical ...
24. How to Fix Swing Plane & Path
If you want to truly, once and for all, fix your golf swing plane and path, you must heed my advice in this video. This is the ONLY way to permanentl ...
25. Sam Snead Power Squat
Learn how Sam Snead, Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, Jamie Sadlowski and countless others use this incredibly unique power move to build power in the golf ...
26. Side Bend in the Golf Downswing
Side bend in the golf downswing is critical to releasing the golf club properly and not coming over the top. Learn how to create the proper side bend ...
27. Problems w/ Overturning Your Hips in the Backswing
If you're letting your hips over rotate in the backswing, you're costing yourself a ton of power and control. Learn why and how to fix it.
RST Drills

28. 5 Minutes to Master Rotation
This video holds the 5 step pathway to mastering rotation in the golf swing. At the end of this 15 minute video is a workout program for you to follow ...
29. Laser Beam Knee Drills for Stability
Lower body stability is key for power and accuracy in the golf swing. This drill will help you build a powerful base.
30. Losing the Tush Line
One of the most common questions I get regularly is how to stop losing the tush line, or stop standing up and losing the spine angle through impact. T ...
31. The Bucket Drill - Golf Shoulder Turn
The Bucket Drill is one that provides a very simple and clear picture on how to rotate correctly in the backswing and how to avoid tilting and the dre ...
32. RST Necktie Drill
Axis tilt is a necessary fundamental of the golf swing that many golfers ignore or fail to understand the consequences of not having it, especially at ...
33. Hip Spinners - Belt Buckle Drill
Understand the key differences between how the hips turn in RS1 vs RST and how to move efficiently in the golf swing. If you struggle hitting fairway ...
34. Fix Your Swing Sway w/ the Wall Drill
Fix your golf swing sway with this awesome and simple drill! Swaying off the ball in the backswing is a swing killer, but you can cure that fault whil ...
35. Golf Backswing Shoulder Plane Drill
Fix a flat shoulder turn in your golf backswing with this simple and easy to do drill.
36. Body Rotation in Golf Backswing - Chair Drill
If you want to power up your swing in golf, body rotation in the backswing is crucial. Unfortunately, you likely struggle to rotate your shoulders sep ...
37. How to Get Your Golf Swing in Shape for Spring
Winter is the BEST time to make improvements to your golf swing! It's critical that you practice far more with a mirror AWAY from hitting balls than a ...
38. RotaryConnect Lower Body Drill
Build an incredibly powerful and stable base using the RotaryConnect.
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Step 3

Add the Lead Arm

Your body is now the star of the show just like the pros, now let's add the critical lead arm back into the swing.


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RST Foundation

1. Intro to Adding the Lead Arm in Golf Swing
Adding the lead arm in the golf swing should only be done once the body is rotating properly and your shifting your weight correctly.
2. Golf Takeaway | Overview
An overview of the RST takeaway by RST Founder, Chuck Quinton. This video walks you through the key components of the RotarySwing takeaway move.
3. Posture's Effect on the Takeaway
Posture at address is something that Tiger Woods always does right and it's something that can be done right every time by all golfers. However, once ...
4. Pro Power Move
Learn the pro power move that all pro golfers know and you DON'T!
5. DEAD Drill Step 4 - Add Lead Arm
Once you can do the movements with the body correctly, it's time to start stacking on the rest of the pieces of the swing. We first start with the con ...
6. Pushing with the Left Side in the Golf Takeaway
An extremely common swing fault, so common that many golf instructors actually teach the swing this way. In this video you'll see why this is bad and ...
7. Moving the Fulcrum & Hitting Shots off the Toe
It's one of my most important golf instruction videos ever, this will completely transform the way you think about hitting your irons.
8. Golf Backswing, Completing the Golf Backswing
Once you've mastered the setup, weight transfer and takeaway, it's time to progress to the top of the backswing. The RST Backswing is really a tiny mo ...
9. Stop Coming Over the Top in the Golf Swing and Slicing
You're well aware that slicing destroys your distance and your scorecard. What you may not be aware of is what really causes you to come over the top ...
10. How to Keep Your Left Arm Straight in the Backswing
The secret to why you can't keep your left arm straight at the top of the golf backswing.
11. Taking a Divot in Front of the Ball
Taking a proper divot is something that is critical to crisp and consistent iron play, but if you don't know what a proper divot is, it's tough to kno ...
12. Golf Left Thumb: Fix Pain, Soreness, Casting
Casting the club in the downswing is a sure way to destroy club head speed. Check out this video now because my simple drill will increase your club h ...
13. Arms vs. Body Release in the Golf Swing
Learn WHY rotating your body through the hitting area can slow the clubhead down and also be putting your back in harms way. No more spinning your che ...
RST 5 Step

14. Step 3 - Add the Lead Arm
How to integrate the lead arm in the golf swing
15. Step 3 - Add the Lead Arm - Drill Only
The golf swing drill for adding the left arm in the RST 5 Step System
Deeper Learning

16. Head Moving off the Ball
This common problem amongst all golfers is a simple fix when you learn to move from the correct side of your body.
17. Cure Golf Elbow Pain
Cure golfers elbow and elbow pain related to your golf swing and learn its root cause.
18. My Golf Power Secret
How do the pros hit the ball so darn far? I tell all inside with this power secret!
19. Throw the Club Head at the Golf Ball
Unlock the leverage, speed and power of your golf swing by understanding the physics behind generating maximum club head speed. Learn to Throw the Cl ...
20. Knuckles Down - Logo Down
The typical amateur golfer has no idea how to control the trajectory of the golf ball. They hit weak, high floating golf shots that get beat up by the ...
21. Left Elbow Position at Impact
Find out a simple trick to hit straighter shots while also virtually eliminating your chances of developing "golfer's elbow." As a bonus, you'll find ...
22. How To Use Ground Force For Speed
In this video, Rotary Swing Instructor Chris Tyler shows you how to use ground force for a big boost in clubhead speed. You'll see the difference in s ...
RST Drills

23. Golf Takeaway, 5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Takeaway
This 30 minute long golf instruction video is key to setting you on the right path for the entire golf swing. Once you've mastered setup and rotation, ...
24. 5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Backswing
Once you've mastered the takeaway using our "5 Minutes to the Perfect Takeaway" video, you're ready to begin the process of building the perfect top o ...
25. 5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Club Release
Releasing the club properly is something that few golfers do but is the key to effortless power and squaring the clubface through impact. If you've wo ...
26. Golf Swing Takeaway & Drills
The golf takeaway has been described by golf instructors countless ways, so many ways that it's impossible for the average golfer to have any real ide ...
27. How to Get Perfect Shaft Lean at Impact
You want to hit those boring, hissing shots that scream off the face like a rocket? This golf instruction video shows you how to smoke your irons!
28. Reshaping Your Golf Swing for Lag
It's no secret that you want more lag in your swing. In this incredible video, I give you a 4-Step Sequence that will teach you how to become a "Lag M ...
29. How to Fix an Inside Takeaway
This one simple trick will fix an inside takeaway instantly, I guarantee it!
30. Left Hand Power Release Drill
Learn the power release move from RST Founder Chuck Quinton and add power to your swing and learn to master the soft draw.
31. 2 Finger Release Drill
This awesome drill forces you to release the golf club like a tour pro! You're going to love how it makes it impossible to hit a slice!
32. Drill to Learn Inside Path to Golf Ball
Tired of the over the top slice? This drill and training aid will teach you how to approach the golf ball from the inside.
33. Impact Cube Lag Drill
This awesome drill will teach you to not cast the club and maintain lag into impact.
34. Shake Hands for a Perfect Golf Swing
This is the best golf swing drill to teach you exactly how your hands should work during the takeaway and the release.
35. RST Pencil Tee Drill
Have you found yourself struggling with a shut or open clubface in the takeaway? If so, you have to see this great way to overcome some of those troub ...
36. Cure Chicken Wing in the Golf Swing
You now have a 3-step drill to help you cure your chicken wing golf swing once and for all. Not only will this video get your swing looking and feelin ...
37. Vijay Release Drill
Have you wondered about the golf grip and if the tour pros know something you don't? How are they able to hit the ball so far with so little effort an ...
38. RotaryConnect Backswing Training Aid
Learn how to use the RotaryConnect to assist you in building the perfect golf backswing.
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Step 4

Add the Golf Club

You'll learn MUCH faster following this sequence of teaching the body how to move the club first. Now, we add the club back in.


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RST Foundation

1. Intro - Add the Golf Club
Now it's time to add the golf club into your swing drills. This step will come easily if you've mastered the first three steps.
2. Golf Downswing, Rotary Golf Downswing Overview
Mastering the setup, weight transfer and takeaway are critical to a great golf swing. But mastering the golf downswing is the most important and the m ...
3. 3 Sources to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed
If you think more rotation is how to increase your golf swing speed, then you may be giving up a ton of distance. Rotation is important for swing spee ...
4. Flip vs. Release in Golf
What is the difference between a proper golf club release and a flip in the golf swing? To learn the perfect golf swing release, step by step, watch t ...
5. Increase Clubhead Speed with Your Pinky
Learn how this one simple golf swing grip tip can increase your clubhead speed 5 mph!
6. DEAD Drill Step 5 - Add the Club
Hitting all your checkpoints with your body and lead arm? Awesome! Now let's add the club and feel, for the first time, what a proper release feels li ...
7. Golf Impact Position Face On
After all your hard work on the backswing, it's time for the big payoff! Getting into the proper impact alignments is the final step to hitting the be ...
8. Golf Impact Position Down the Line
As I discussed in the video on Impact Alignments Face On, impact is everything in RST. All the work we do at setup, the takeaway, the backswing, etc. ...
RST 5 Step

9. Step 4 - Add the Golf Club
Now we add the golf club back into the drills.
10. Step 4 - Add the Golf Club - Drill Only
Adding the club back into the core RST body movements.
Deeper Learning

11. Flagpole Concept - Losing Your Balance
Stop losing your balance in your golf swing by understanding the concept of force of movement and leverage.
12. How Your Lag Affects Your Club Path
In this video, I’ll show you how too much lag is a surprisingly serious problem that may be causing your blocks and snap hooks. You’ll find out: 1 ...
13. Driver Setup Adjustments
How to set up for the driver is something that I get asked all the time. All the golf magazines and pundits on TV talking about how you should tee it ...
14. Wrist Cock vs. Wrist Hinge in the Golf Swing
Do you know the difference between wrist cock and wrist hinge in the golf swing? The difference is what separates high handicappers from low.
15. How to Stop Hooking the Golf Ball
How to stop hooking the golf ball once and for all! If you struggle with hitting hook shots, learn what's causing it and how to fix it.
16. How Feel Players in Golf Can Learn RST
The vast majority of golfers don’t stumble into a great swing by relying solely on feel; rather, they work hard and understand swing mechanics. In t ...
17. Wide-Narrow-Wide Golf Swing Shape
Every single PGA Pro swings wide-narrow-wide. Often, though, when this typical shape of the swing is discussed, the conversation ends at “you want a ...
RST Drills

18. 5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Downswing
All the work you've done on your RST golf swing to this point has culminated in this next set of drills in the "5 Minutes to the Perfect Downswing" vi ...
19. The Orange Whip Lag Drill
Want massive lag and a solid release? Check out this training aid.
20. 9 to 3 Golf Swing Drill
The 9 to 3 Drill is the key to working on the Rotary Swing Tour while on the range actually hitting balls. While it is much quicker to create new move ...
21. Frisbee Drill for Sequencing Downswing
If you struggle with weight shift and creating lag in your swing, this video will help you learn the natural motion of the weight shift in the golf sw ...
22. Sklz Gold Flex Lag Trainer
This KILLER training aid will help you master a smooth, one-piece takeaway and help you build tremendous lag into your golf swing!
23. 4 Step Golf Swing Lag Builder
The 4 steps to building INSANE lag in your golf swing - and you can do it TODAY!
24. Belly Button Takeaway Drill
This simple takeaway drill will give you that one piece takeaway you've been looking for once and for all!
25. How to Groove a Buttery Smooth Golf Swing
This training aid will turn that aggressive, armsy, out of control golf swing in to a buttery smooth Ernie Els-esque work of art. Or you'll just frust ...
26. Two Club Drill
Here's a simple golf swing plane drill to get your swing back on track fast with a training aid you already have!
27. Downcock Pump Lag Drill
Every golfer wants to know how to create more lag in their swing to hit the ball further. With this one simple drill I guarantee you'll have more lag ...
28. Golf Swing Transition Drill
Most instructors consider the transition in the golf swing the most difficult, if not impossible, aspect to teach. When you understand the underlying ...
29. 9 to 3 Lag Building Drills
Learn how to build lag in your golf swing with these 9 to 3 lag building drills. You'll learn how to build lag, get shaft lean at impact and how to re ...
30. How To Use A Golf Impact Bag Properly
In this video, I'll tell you why I believe the impact bag is one of the best training aids in golf instruction. I'll show you how to use it properly d ...
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Step 5

Add the Trail Arm

Golf swing mastery is yours! This is the last key piece to add back in to your new, powerful, effortless Rotary Golf Swing!


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RST Foundation

1. Intro to Adding the Trail Arm
Finally, we add the trail arm to put the golf swing all together.
2. Golf Swing Follow Through
The follow through is a result of all things you've done in your golf swing up until this point rather than some position or move you are trying to ac ...
3. Role of the Right Arm - Takeaway
Collapsing the right arm early is something that at least 90% of amateur golfers struggle with that I see on a daily basis. It is crucial that you und ...
4. Right Wrist in the Takeaway
The role of right wrist in the takeaway is often misunderstood and has been the source of much confusion and bad golf swings. In fact, perhaps 90% of ...
5. DEAD Drill Step 6 - Add Trail Arm & Ball
It's graduation day! If you've got your 3 core body movements down pat and the lead arm and club, adding the right arm and ball will be the last thing ...
6. How to Avoid a Cupped Left Wrist at the Top
Learn the cause of a cupped left wrist at the top of your golf backswing and how to fix it.
7. Keep the Right Arm Straight to Turn
One of the most common faults that destroys a powerful turn in the golf swing is how the right arm works in the backswing. In this video, I go over ho ...
RST 5 Step

8. Step 5 - Add the Trailing Arm
Finally, we can add the trailing arm back into the 5 Step System.
9. Step 5 - Add the Trailing Arm - Drill Only
Learn how to properly add the trailing arm in, step by step, to your 5 Step golf swing sequence of drills.
Deeper Learning

10. Angle of Attack
Taking deep divots? Are you supposed to? What do the pros do? This video tells you how steep you should be - or shouldn't be!
11. Follow Through Common Faults
The completion of the golf swing has several key check points that will allow you to see whether you are performing the downswing with maximum efficie ...
12. RST Golf Grip Effect on Swing Plane
Having a proper grip is crucial for club face control and lag in the golf swing. In this video I talk about the proper grip's effect on club position ...
13. How Much Shoulder Elevation
It's time to help you decide how to power your golf swing. And it all starts with how you use your arms in the golf swing going back. In this video, I ...
14. Keep the Rear Shoulder Back
This golf instruction video is for those who struggle to stop spinning their shoulders open through impact and want to learn how to easily draw the go ...
15. Right Elbow Pit in Golf Backswing
Do you struggle, like most golfers, with a flying right elbow at the top of the backswing? From this position, you have to make some aggressive moves ...
16. How to Fix the Two Way Miss in Golf
Struggle with the dreaded two-way miss in golf? One shot goes right and the next goes left? Learn what causes it and a great simple drill to stop play ...
RST Drills

17. Right Arm Backswing Drill
This is an excellent drill to train your mind to use your torso rotation to move the club rather than swinging your arms around the body.
18. 4 Square Golf Swing Drill
You probably overuse your hands during the first half of the backswing, like most golfers, and yank the club behind you almost immediately. This one m ...
19. Right Arm Release in Golf Swing
Want more speed with less effort? Then this is THE key video to understand how to pummel the ball without even trying.
20. Throw the Ball Drill to Increase Clubhead Speed
This is THE key drill for really understanding how the downswing sequencing works. This 20 minute long video is one of the most important on the site.
21. Throw the Ball Drill Part 2
Are you ready to maximize your club head speed at impact? If so, you need this missing piece from our wildly popular "Throw the Ball Drill" video. In ...
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