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The new DEAD Drill is the fastest way to RADICALLY transform your swing - period. The drill is incredibly simple, but must be done correctly in order to see huge improvement in your distance, control and consistency. To make it fast and easy to learn, I've broken it down into 6 short videos that cover each key checkpoint. Work through each checkpoint in order and make sure you're watching yourself in front of a mirror and videoing yourself doing the drills so you know if you're doing them correctly. If you're uncertain, submit your swing for your review - we're here to help you get results!

Of course, a great golf swing starts with the perfect setup, so start with the Setup videos first before starting to work on the 6 core DEAD Drill videos below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST watch the videos on How the Brain Learns before embarking on your journey to better golf. Without this base of knowledge, the reality is that you will continue wasting your time pounding balls with no results to speak of. These videos will transform how you think of the golf swing and learning in general and you will ONLY hear this information on

If you are working on your DEAD Drill and find that you're not getting the results you see of the other students, I can almost guarantee that the reason is in the video below.


How the Brain Learns

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Recent Comments

Spent several hours working on the drills in this video today. Very illuminating! I had no idea what I was missing before. Another question comes up from my practice. I was noticing after getting to the right arm staying on the club through impact that from a timing perspective I get a better and more consistent result when I focus on allowing my right hand to help speed up the crossover. This seems to help me reach the proper impact position and gives me a split second to make sure my hips fire first so I don’t end up having arms and hips moving simultaneously or arms outpacing my hips and leading to an closed club face at impact. This is at least the thought that seems to be helping my sync things up properly but am I playing with fire here or can the right hand help out so long as the lead hand is driving the crossover so the hand and forearms rollover each other properly?
Posted by Gary C 2 hrs ago
Hello Gary. Trail side might be more comfortable to you based on the notes. Tape Drill is the only one right now I have. Further information will be released. However, lead side will be more the effortless swinging type. If by nature you like to have more control and force over execution. Trail may be the way to go.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) yesterday
Your exactly right. Just rewatched the tape drill and that is exactly what I’m feeling - I also don’t like the “push release” term as it feels like a “hold off” move to improve rotation. As you mentioned this over correction move probably still has quite a bit of release in it to combat my flip. I am not hitting a fade (straight) and have not noticed a loss in distance. I’ll keep playing with it and get it on video for my next swing review
Posted by Kevin yesterday
Hello Todd. Awesome. The shanked wedge is usually driving the trail hip straight towards the ball in transition, or the trail hand getting too active in the wrong way. I would check your tush line. Take a look at Maintain The Tush Line - Chair Drill.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 2 days ago
Hello Gary. Check grip now, but also make sure the wrists aren't getting too lazy. If they get floppy they tend to cup. Just to knock off your list just in case.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 5 days ago
Hello Jesse. No problem letting that trail go. I used to hit balls that way.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 6 days ago
Thanks for the post Michael. Physics will still be physics at the end of the day. Just refining how we learn said move. It is vital to have that body only feel. That way you can dumb down the thoughts on those pesky arms.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 6 days ago
Hello Haseeb. Take a look at the Tape Drill for right now. We are releasing more about the push release in the next couple of months with the release of Axiom.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 6 days ago
Hello Eric. Yes. That is a common mistake amongst early instruction is the shoulder width apart thinking. Your line may work, but try to judge more by the hip sockets.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 6 days ago
Hello William. You start with about 8-10 degrees of tilt. You will lose some in the backswing. But, the combined lateral and rotational movement in the real swing will help negate major loss.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 7 days ago

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