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The new DEAD Drill is the fastest way to RADICALLY transform your swing - period. The drill is incredibly simple, but must be done correctly in order to see huge improvement in your distance, control and consistency. To make it fast and easy to learn, I've broken it down into 6 short videos that cover each key checkpoint. Work through each checkpoint in order and make sure you're watching yourself in front of a mirror and videoing yourself doing the drills so you know if you're doing them correctly. If you're uncertain, submit your swing for your review - we're here to help you get results!

Of course, a great golf swing starts with the perfect setup, so start with the Setup videos first before starting to work on the 6 core DEAD Drill videos below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST watch the videos on How the Brain Learns before embarking on your journey to better golf. Without this base of knowledge, the reality is that you will continue wasting your time pounding balls with no results to speak of. These videos will transform how you think of the golf swing and learning in general and you will ONLY hear this information on

If you are working on your DEAD Drill and find that you're not getting the results you see of the other students, I can almost guarantee that the reason is in the video below.


How the Brain Learns

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Recent Comments

Great video but I think a key point in teaching this drill is being missed. Look at Chuck's impact bag hit and then the students. The student's bag is rotating clockwise, he is outside in. Chucks bag is rotating counter clockwise, he is inside out, which is in large part due to the protracted shoulder Trying to get the bag rotating properly would help the student get into the proper impact position.
Posted by rickey 2 days ago
Dave... Here is a video which I should have directed you to on the last review. Check it out! ... "Why Your Lead Leg Doesn't Straighten at Impact"
Posted by Manny (Certified RST Instructor) 3 days ago
Probably would have problems shifting/swaying.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 4 days ago
Here's the picture of it.
Posted by Mikko-Pekka 4 days ago
Hello Scott. Probably, a little inside. But, more about the face direction. Need a little more release.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 4 days ago
Hello Dave... In my view, wrist angle/action help create lag and shallowing the club helps transport the lag to a position in the downswing where it is of most importance. i.e. squaring the club face, angle of attack, club path which are conducive to consistent impact, as well as, ball trajectory and direction rely on wrist positioning, while shallowing the club can assist in the creation of lag, it's main purpose is to avoid a steep and over the top move in the downswing. All in all, both require some level of control and understanding their functions in the golf swing.
Posted by Manny (Certified RST Instructor) 6 days ago
Cool. Thanks!
Posted by Erik 7 days ago
Hello Kevin... Had to update my scheduler. Should be able to complete the booking process now. We can get work on the BS and of course, Axis Tilt, thanks, and hope to see ya soon.
Posted by Manny (Certified RST Instructor) 10 days ago
Hello Dave. In the video above it will be (in order) the external rotation of the lead knee, inner lead thigh adductors and lead glute.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 11 days ago
Hello James. Having a splay in the lead foot is fine. If you square off the front foot just know you may not be able to clear the hip as well depending on flexibility (Should Your Splay Your Feet Video). Ideally, you wouldn't align the club off target because if you miss you are stuck in the mud. The draw shouldn't be so aggressive you you have to play for it to come back into play. Everything should still be parallel left. Minor changes in face rotation and chest can easily give you a lot of curvature when needed without altering the setup a ton.
Posted by Craig (Certified RST Instructor) 12 days ago

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