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Setup & Intro

Before you dive into the 5 Step System, you must have a solid setup.
Step 1

Weight Shift

Weight shift is the foundation to all athletic hitting and throwing motions and is at the core of the biomechanically ideal Rotary Swing Tour system.
Step 2

Core Rotation

You're now going to learn how the pros create power with minimal effort using the big muscles of the trunk and core.


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Step 3

Add the Lead Arm

You're body is now the star of the show just like the pros, now let's add the critical lead arm back into the swing.


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Step 4

Add the Golf Club

You'll learn MUCH faster following this sequence of teaching the body how to move the club first. Now, we add the club back in.


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Step 5

Add the Trail Arm

Golf swing mastery is yours! This is the last key piece to add back in to your new, powerful, effortless Rotary Golf Swing!


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