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I have a lifetime of golf experience. I apply my extensive understanding of golf fundamentals to teach students how to drastically improve their game. After meeting Chuck Quinton, and learning about his research on the golf swing, I became qualified as a RST Certified Instructor. There is nothing out there that compares to this methodology, and I’ve witnessed student improvement better than ever before compared to my past teaching experience. With RST and my considerable golf knowledge, I also bring experience as a life coach, physical therapist, and rock climbing instructor/guide. I combine my athletic experience with my comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and mechanics to improve my student’s golf skill. Using this combined wealth of knowledge, I have seen improvement in not just my own game, but in the consistently growing abilities of my students.

With my experiences as both student and instructor, I relate easily to students of all ages and abilities. I use my knowledge in athletic activities outside of golf to give each student an education tailor made to fit their needs and learning style. This individual learning experience allows students to gain confidence in their golf swing faster and easier, making the game seem less like work and more like fun. Whether you’re sharpening your professional game or just want to have more fun on the course, I will teach you this successful formula for a consistently perfect golf swing.

I look forward to helping you play the best golf of your life. I am really excited about working with you to improve your understanding of the game and optimizing your efforts. Using the RST system and my own experiences we can grow your game by leaps and bounds. Hopefully we can learn from each other and work towards our goals of advancing your game to the next level. Let’s do this!!!