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Stop Slicing and OTT

How to INSTANTLY cure your slice and over the top move!

image showing a before and after golf club swing action of a man

This new discovery literally makes it impossible to swing over the top again and can transform your big slice into a baby draw! Learn how >>>

Instant Consistency

Here's the missing key to becoming consistent.

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Quickly boost your consistency by 78% in just 15 minutes with this drill and start compressing the ball like the pros! Become more consistent >>>

Effortless Speed

How to add effortless speed and stop casting the club.

image of Chuck Quinton swinging a golf club

Did you know that if you're casting the club that you're entire swing is moving in the wrong direction? Learn the pro secret to maintain and release lag! >>>

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"You have found the 'Holy Grail': The feel that produces the proper swing solely through a feeling." - Emil B. Switzerland

This incredibly unique but small movement has a powerful butterfly effect that syncs the body and arms automatically while letting you feel perfect rhythm and tempo for the first time.

  • What if you could learn the golf swing with one simple feeling - in just 10 minutes?
  • What if you didn’t have to spend years working on your swing - you could play better today?
  • What if the entire swing could be boiled down into just ONE simple feel, ONE movement?
  • What if there’s ONE move that will teach you proper mechanics, fix all your flaws and remove all your swing thoughts - instantly?

“To say this is a gamechanger is an understatement!” - Matt G. USA

image with the word ONE

“I am astounded! This is the most incredible thing I have ever felt!"
- Fran H. USA

Consistency is the name of the game and to be consistent you have to have the simplest swing possible.

It doesn’t get any simpler than having ONE move.

ONE thing to focus on, ONE feeling, ONE cohesive force, all moving in ONE direction.

And guess what, this ONE movement is the exact same thing the tour pros are doing!

Best of all, it UNIFIES all of the moving parts of the body - the hips, shoulders and arms - and automatically moves them all together as ONE in perfect sync.

"With the AXIOM my swing felt immediately in sync." - Matt G. USA

"NO SWING THOUGHTS whatsoever... This is the 'Holy Grail'." - Gregory L. USA


“This just might have saved me from years of mindless torture.” - Fran H. USA

If you’re like most golfers, you’re probably struggling with the same things you’ve been fighting for years.

Whether it’s being over the top, across the line, not maintaining your posture, not getting your hips open enough, hanging back on your right foot, regripping the club, flipping, scooping or chicken winging, you probably feel like you have tried everything and gotten nowhere!

Every imaginable fix, every tip, every instructor, every youtube video, yet you’re still stuck in the same place.

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to fix literally all of these problems, once and for all and you’re going to be able to understand not just how to fix your swing instantly, but how to do it without having a single swing thought.

"It feels like a magic cure for all golf problems." - Erik T. Sweden


Do you feel like there's just something missing in your golf swing?


The AXIOM is one movement that makes your entire swing move in ONE direction - no more separate backswing, transition, then downswing.

Sounds impossible, right?

You will finally feel athletic, powerful and in control of your golf swing.

You will understand the golf swing completely and be able to instantly get your swing back on track when things go awry in the middle of a round.

  • Focus on ONE overarching movement, not individual pieces of the swing
  • Learn by feel, not positions
  • Learn by moving fast, not slow motion in front of a mirror
  • Results don't have to take months - put the AXIOM into practice TODAY!

Finally, the golf swing is fast and easy to learn, and simple to understand.


"I played better than I know how after test driving AXIOM." - Richard USA


“I no longer think it’s possible for me to play anything but good golf.” - Alastair M. UK


This shockingly simple and self-evident movement will instantly cure your golf swing problems:

  • Swinging over the top and slicing - the AXIOM makes OTT impossible!
  • Stop casting the club - you'll have instant lag!
  • Firing the arms first in the downswing - cure your "hit instinct"!
  • Fat shots from hanging back - start hitting it clean and pure every time!

I will guide you through the maze of confusing golf instruction to the promised land of pure ball striking, because like you, I was once frustrated with my swing and I know just how disheartening golf can make us all feel.

"I've knocked 6 to 8 strokes off my score in less than two weeks. You're really onto something with this instruction!"
-Tim P USA

Feel the joy of golf again

"It certainly feels revolutionary, swashbuckling, and powerful." - Pete T. UK
"I hit a few so good I was literally giggling with joy!" - Drew F. USA


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What RotarySwing Members Are Saying

image of a person named Dr Harry G
As I have stated before, you are the Einstein of the golf swing. My ball striking is much more solid and straight! Thanks for all you have done to help my game, and to enjoy golf even more!
Dr Harry G
South Carolina
image of a person named Jennifer J
It's transformative in clearing out the thought clutter while playing.
Jennifer J
image of a person named Briton B
It almost makes me laugh how simply everything falls into place with the AXIOM. It's amazing how well this shallows the club. I love the way this feels so far.
Briton B
North Dakota
image of a person named Anthony F
So frickin easy! Chuck, you are da man!! Thanks!! Literally cannot believe how easy you just made this.
Anthony F
image of a person named Kasey Y
AXIOM is SUPER effective, efficient and simple.
Kasey Y
image of a person named Frances H
Wow! Never hit the ball like that before! If you haven't take a lesson to learn about AXIOM, you are insane. It will change your life.
Frances H
New York
image of a person named Greg N
Someone else said AXIOM is like Einstein figuring out E=MC2, and that's pretty darn close - genius.
Greg N
Puerto Rico
image of a person named Luc M
AXIOM will revolutionize golf learning, it's fantastic!
Luc M
image of a person named Jim B
AXIOM brought me to the "Holy Grail", it's the real deal!
Jim B
image of a person named Todd T
Probably the best ball striking I've ever had. Incredible! And I'm the guy that has bought every gadget and taken a lot of lessons. RotarySwing and the AXIOM have been a game changer.
Todd T
image of a person named Kenneth A
It all works at speed instead of slow, static training. It glues everything together to a flow of movement ... it's great. Awesome. A million thanks.
Kenneth A
image of a person named James J
In songwriting, it takes a true artist to make it look easy, all while taking something complex and simplifying it. Chuck and RS teachers: you are the Bob Dylan of golf.
James J
West Virginia

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