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  • Neil's hitting the ball 225 yards...with his 5 iron!

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Student Success Stories

As you know, we rarely just tell you how much our students improve; we always prefer to show you...

See the INCREDIBLE improvement Vincent made with unlimited reviews!
Find out how Frank increased his lag by 30°!
Click to see Lester's amazing backswing improvement. You won't believe it!

Comparison to Other Instruction

There's simply no better value in golf instruction...

4 Typical In-person Lessons
$400.00 / month
4 Typical Online Lessons
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Online Learning Groups?

Answer: Unlimited Swing Reviews have replaced Online Learning Groups. There are only 2 differences...1) Unlimited Swing Reviews are VIDEO reviews, not text reviews, and 2) Your instruction is now 1-on-1 with an instructor rather than being with a group of other students.

How long do I have to commit?

Answer: Only one month. This is a month-to-month membership. You can cancel at any time via your subscriptions dashboard.

Why should I do this during the winter?

Answer: In the summer, there's always something coming up where you must play well "right now." A lot of times this can be detrimental to swing changes because you'll revert back to old habits.

That is precisely why winter's the best time to change your swing forever. Your body will only know proper movements.

So by practicing in your garage or living room, you're training your body to make the same movements it will need to make on the course. Only this time, you can ingrain these movements without being forced into your old habits.

Is this included in my Premium Membership?

Answer: No, we wish we could offer that, but Unlimited Reviews require a lot time and effort from our instructors, which can't be covered in the standard Premium Membership rate. The prices below, therefore, represent an additional fee to the Premium Membership.

Chuck Quinton

Unlimited Reviews Rate: $996.00/month

Craig Morrow

Unlimited Reviews Rate: $227.00/month

Anthony Hopkins

Unlimited Reviews Rate: $150.00/month

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