Craig Morrow

Georgia,United States

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Alpharetta , Georgia


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Hello Everyone, My name is Craig Morrow and I am a Rotary Swing Instructor located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  

My golf career spans from the junior ranks to the professional. Whether it was an amateur or professional, I always strived for my game to perform at the highest levels. Through the years, I have been privileged to work with many of the top 100 teachers and/or other elite trainers. However, time after time I would end up asking myself the same question. Why am I doing this? Trying the new temporary fixes and non productive ideologies eventually burned out my mind and body. In my search, for the one key to unlock the path to a repeatable and productive swing I came across the Rotary Swing Method. Rotary Swing gives all golfers, no matter the skill level the tools to improve their game. Whether you are a beginner or frustrated "weekend warrior," the Rotary Swing method will help you reach your goals and bring enjoyment back to your rounds! I have been a friend and student of Chuck Quinton for the past 8 years. Under his tutelage, my game has seen new levels of consistency and performance. I am looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have learned with you!