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How It Works

Swing Reviews

You can purchase each review or join an Unlimited Review Group.

*Note - While you don't need a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to get a swing review, you will need it if you want to see all the recommended videos the instructor may prescribe.

Here's the simple process for getting a review:

1 Record Your Swing Videos

  • Basically any camera will work (camera phones and most digital "still" cameras can record video these days)
  • You'll normally want 2 videos: "face on" and "down the line"
  • The only requirement: videos MUST be less than 30 seconds each

Additional Help / Tutorials:

2 Download Videos to Your Computer Then Upload Them to Our Site or Upload Directly from Your Mobile Device

  • Transfer the videos from your camera to your computer using a memory card or cable
  • If you shot your video with your phone or other mobile device, simply login to the site from your phone and upload directly from your device!
  • Then go to the "Get a Review" page to start the upload and submit process
  • Click here for a very detailed tutorial on uploading and submitting

Additional Help / Tutorials:

3 Receive Your Video Analysis

In 1 or 2 business days, you'll be notified via email and get:

  • Video analysis, usually comparing you with a model RST Swing
  • List of videos that directly address your swing issues

Additional Help / Tutorials:

4 Practice and Improve

  • Combine the instruction from your review with that in your recommended videos and get to work!
  • Be sure to practice based on how your brain learns best, which is what we cover in many of the RST Introduction videos

Additional Help / Tutorials:

5 Repeat Every 2 Weeks (or Get Unlimited Reviews!)

  • To improve fast, we recommend getting another review about every two weeks.
  • If you want to turbo charge your learning, sign up for our unlimited swing reviews plan today!