Left eye downswing drill

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Jack Nicklaus focused his left eye on the back of the golf ball during the downswing. Check out a great tip guaranteed to get you striking the golf ball solidly every time.

Video Practice Points
  • Focus your lead eye on the back of the ball during the swing.
  • Keep the eyes still as long as possible through the release. 
  • Allow the head to swivel at the 3:00 position. 

                Okay, guys. If you've had a really hard time hitting the golf ball solidly, in the center of the club face where it counts the most, I'm going to go ahead and show you guys a very simple and effective drill that's going to help solve a lot of your problems in your golf swing, believe it or not. It has a lot to do with the way we focus on the golf ball. Some of the common issues that we see from a lot of amateur golfers, or just students in the game in general, is we see a lot of head movement through the hitting area. Whether it be a lot of tilt from the head or we see a lot of rotation from the head, or in turn we see the head moving out in front of the golf shot. What's the real, big cause of that? Well, if you look at right handed golfers, most of them are right eye dominant. Aside from Jack Nicholas, Jack Nicholas is actually left eye dominant. I, also, am left eye dominant and I'm going to get into the drill here in a moment.

                The problem is, is that when you're right eye dominant, your tendency is to start to let the eyes want to see what's going on. It's the way we process information in our downswing. It's part of the vestibular process. If you want to start to see what's going on early, chances are that's going to make your eyes move, which in turn can make your head move, which in turn can make your shoulders move, and then so on, and down the line. If you've noticed that your body is really spinning open, or if you've noticed a lot of secondary access tilt, this is a great drill to help you eliminate both of those issues. I want you to try it out.

                When you take your address position, your set up position here, what I want you to do is I want you to now focus your left eye right on the back of the ball through the entire swing. You're going to focus your left eye on the back of the ball all the way through the release. What you're going to notice is that it's actually going to take a lot of the rotation out and a lot of that secondary access tilt that's causing you to get hung back. This is a great way to hit the golf ball more solidly, more frequently. Try it out. Left eye on the back of the ball and you'll be on your way to playing some great golf. 


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