RS1 Golf Instruction Articles

Hogan, Ben

Ben Hogan's Swing from Down the Line

Ben Hogan's Golf Swing: Shoulder Plane

Ben Hogan's Golf Swing: Address Position

What You Can Learn from the Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Snead, Sam

Sam Snead's Golf Swing

Appleby, Stuart

Stuart Appleby's Golf Swing

Olazabal, Jose Maria

Jose Maria Olazabal 's Golf Swing

Jacobsen, Peter

Peter Jacobsen's Golf Swing

Sorenstam, Annika

Annika Sorenstam's Golf Swing - One Plane or Two?

Aldridge, Tyler

Tyler Aldridge's Swing - Stop Excess Head Movement in the Golf Swing

Impact Series

Is the Rotary Golf Swing 1.0 an Outside in Swing

Flat Left Wrist at Impact

Driver vs. Irons Impact

Impact Fix Drill

Golf Grip | Proper Golf Grip Instruction

Rotary Swing Advanced Technique

Golf Fade, How to Hit a Golf Fade

Differences in Swing Mechanics Working Hitting a Fade and Draw

Arms vs. Body Release in the Golf Swing

Hitting the Ball High

Tiger Woods 2 Iron Stinger

Hitting the Ball Low - How to Hit Low Penetrating Golf Shots

How to Hit the Driver Off the Deck

Stop Flipping the Golf Club with the Proper Use of the Left Pinky

The Three Main Golf Swing Releases

Professional Golfer Paul Dickinson 7 Iron Swing Sequence

Rotary Swing Drills

The Rotary Drill - Master the Golf Swing with One Simple Drill

Rotary Golf Body Drill

Increase Lag Drill - Improve Your Lag in the Golf Swing

Golf Impact, Impact Bag Drill

Bucket Drill for Synchronizing Your Golf Swing

Divots Left Tee Drill

One Legged Golf Swing Drill

Headcover Drill

Ben Hogan Pane of Glass Swing Drill

Shaft Plane Drill

9 O'Clock Swing Plane

How to Achieve a Penetrating Golf Ball Flight

In to Out Tee Drill to Stop Coming Over the Top

Neck Tie Drill to Get Rid of Reverse Pivot

Broom Drill

The Holy Grail of Golf - How To Create Lag in the Golf Swing

Rotary Swing Faults and Fixes

Understanding Missed Golf Shots in the Rotary Swing

Missing Golf Shots Right - How To Cure It and Hit It Straight

Hitting Shots Thin in the Golf Swing

Hitting Fat Golf Shots

Left Side Breakdown in the Golf Swing

Missing Golf Shots Left - How To Cure It and Hit It Straight

Missing Shots Off the Toe

Coming Too Far From the Inside

Missing Shots Off the Heel - Shanking

How to Stop Pulling Shots in the Rotary Golf Swing

Rotary Swing Fundamentals

Model Golf Swing | RS vs. RST Which Ones Right For You

Passive Arms in the Golf Swing

Rotary Swing Takeaway

Rotary Golf Swing - Rhythm in the One Plane Swing

What Move Starts the Golf Swing?

Golf Downswing Forearm and Shaft Alignment/Plane

A Student's Swing - The Bump Transition

How to Keep Your Head Behind the Ball in the Golf Swing at Impact

Proper Wrist Set in the Rotary Golf Swing

Proper Hip Rotation in the Rotary Golf Backswing

Ernie Els and Stuart Appleby Slide the Shaft Drill

Rotary Golf Swing Rotation Through the Ball - Side by Side Comparison

Rotary Golf Swing - Takeaway Chin Line

Biomechanically Shorten Your Backswing

Rotating vs Tilting the Shoulders

Hitting the Ball With Your Core

Rotary Hitter

Rotary Hitter Chip Stroke

Rotary Swing vs Rotary Hitter

Rotary Swing Hitter Backswing and Role of the Right Arm

Rotary Swing Hitter Shoulder Turn and Right Arm in Downswing

Rotary Hitter Golf Swing Takeaway

Ben Hogan - Pure Ball Striker for the Rotary Hitter

Quinton, Chuck (RS1)

Chuck Quinton 6 Iron Analysis Down the Line - 2005

Chuck Quinton 6 Iron Analysis Face On - 2005

Els, Ernie (RS1)

Ernie Els as a One Planer

Woods, Tiger (RS1)

Tiger Woods Downswing

Learn How YOU Can Develop Tiger Woods Swing!

Tiger Woods Takeaway

Tiger Woods New Address Position

Tiger Woods Backswing

Tiger Woods Swing

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