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  • RST full swing videos
  • SwingViewer analysis tool
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  • Bomb Your Driver Bonus Series
  • RST Fitness series
  • Q&A / Discussion Forum
  • Short Game videos
  • Plus much more!

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New to the RST? Here's why you need it...

The Rotary Swing Tour (RST) is the most efficient, body-friendly swing humanly possible.

How do we know that?

It was developed 100% based on science and objectivity in conjunction with leading biomechanists, orthopedists, physical therapists, learning experts, and other brain and body experts.

Why haven't you heard of us before?

  1. We don't advertise much. We let our happy members spread the word for us.
  2. We tell you the truth: quick tips don't work. Lasting improvement requires a commitment to practice. Most people don't want to hear that.

Rotary Swing Tour (RST):

  • Goal: the most efficient, body-friendly swing the human body can make
  • Tour-caliber impact and club head speed
  • 100% scientific and objective
  • Created with input from learning experts, biomechanists, orthopedists, and other experts
  • Consistent system
  • Teaches smart practice with proper feedback
  • Resembles approach of modern day Olympic trainers

Traditional Instruction:

  • Goal of many systems: copy a successful—yet flawed—pro swing
  • Goal of other systems: solid impact position (regardless of inefficient or harmful movements)
  • Subjective, with little science to back it up
  • Systems created only by golf instructors with little knowledge of human body or learning theory
  • Rely on random, quick tips that don't "stick"
  • Beating range balls is the typical practice regimen
  • Similar to Olympic training...100 yrs ago

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Or download the app for free now: Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Videos - Rotary Swing Golf, LLC

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RotarySwing was founded out of frustration with the current state of golf instruction. Quinton knew a better way had to exist to learn this game we all love.

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