Jackie Barnes

Florida,United States

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St. Augustine, Florida



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Hello, my name is Jackie Barnes, I am from New York, and I played division II college golf at Flagler College in St. Augustine FL, and Concordia College in Bronxville, NY. I graduated from Concordia, and decided to continue my passion for golf. I have been studying Rotary Swing since 2014, and once I discovered a source that gave real objectivity to the golf swing, I was hooked right away. I am someone that needs reasoning and fact when it comes to the movement in the golf swing, and I have found that Rotary Swing is a perfect basis for it. I've played competitive amateur golf for 10 years, and will always be striving to improve. I am excited to start working to help others improve their golf games using the RST fundamentals.

Please contact me by email: Jackie@tpacomputer.com for any questions or lesson inquiries!