Patrick Callahan

Kentucky,United States

Level 1 Instructor



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, Kentucky


Get Better! Golf Instruction - 215 Main Street, Florence, KY 41042



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As an avid student of the game, I have always been drawn to the beauty and complexity of the golf swing. This desire led me on a 15 year quest to thoroughly understand swing mechanics, one that was fraught with frustration as I encountered conflicting opinions from top instructors in magazines, blogs, and on television. 

RST is the only methodology that relies upon biomechanics, human anatomy, and neuroscience to establish the “why” and “how” for true and lasting improvement. Better golf is not a mystery. It’s not something afforded to only “gifted” athletes. Rather, it’s within the reach of anyone who is dedicated to following the RST system from the ground up. Regardless of how you learn best, my greatest asset as your teacher is the ability to communicate clearly so you can ultimately FEEL the correct motions and positions and take ownership of them. Be encouraged. You are in competent hands and your best golf is ahead of you. It’s time to commit and succeed!