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Bradford, Pennsylvania

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Are you an average amateur golfer looking to take your game to the next level? Are you a tour professional looking to fine tune your swing and reduce your risk for injury? Are you a beginner to the game of golf? If you said yes to any of these questions, then I can help you reach even your loftiest of goals. Eleven weeks. That's all it takes. Fifty-five days. You can have a tour caliber swing. If you give me one hour per day, five days a week for eleven weeks of honest, dedicated, hard work, I will give you the perfect golf swing that you will remember the rest of your life as a reward for your excellence of execution. 

Hi, my name is R.J. Jones. As a level I RST certified golf instructor, I am one of few people in the world who truly understands the mechanics of the golf swing. I am from Emporium, Pennsylvania. It's a beautiful small town with an equally beautiful golf course, Emporium Country Club. I highly recommend playing a round or two there, if you ever make your way to north central Pennsylvania. I played many sports in high school, including golf. Severe injuries kept me from playing collegiate athletics. Playing golf was difficult for me until I ran into Chuck Quinton's Rotary Swing Tour program. RST is built around the principles of physics, psychology, anatomy and biomechanics to allow us to golf as efficiently and safely as possible. I have been teaching friends and family members how to play the game for quite awhile now. They have all improved dramatically and I would like to extend that same improvement of play to you as well. 

My specialty in teaching is my ability to breakdown large, complex pieces of a physical movement into smaller, more relate-able pieces of information. I will not allow you to feel overwhelmed. At any point in time during our lessons, you could stop me and ask "Why do I it this way?" or "How do I do that?" and I will be able to give you a scientific reason for why and and blueprint for how. Also, I actually care about you and your swing. I want to get to know more about you. Knowing who you are and where you come from makes my job as a teacher easier. Plus, it makes me want to root for your success that much more. The harder that you work, the harder that I work for you and together, we can make it happen. 

Private lessons will be completed at Bradford, PA. I am willing to travel under special circumstances that would need to be discussed with the client. 

Fee Schedule for One-time Individual Lessons

Private Lessons - $100 per one hour lesson
Private Lessons Group Rate

Group Size          Cost Per Person         Total Cost
                                 (Per Hour)              (Per Hour)
------------------        -----------------------        ---------------
2                                    $95                        $190
3                                    $90                        $270
4                                    $85                        $340   
5                                    $80                        $400
6                                    $75                        $450
7                                    $70                        $490
8                                    $65                        $520
9                                    $60                        $540
10                                  $55                        $550

If the group reaches 10 players, the 11th player comes for free. Each additional player after 11 golfers is $50 per hour, per person (i.e. 20 golfers x $50/hr = $1,000/hr).


If you and your club would like to take advantage of an awesome opportunity to raise funds for your organization through Hawkeye Jones Golf, please contact us through the site contact information.  Hawkeye Jones Golf is happy to host a two day mini-golf academy where 25% of the of the event proceeds will be donated to the fundraising organization. The fundraising organization is responsible for selecting a venue. Local high school gyms and football fields (weather permitting) work just fine so, no need to pay for a fancy venue.  The two day event will be five hours a day and will cover the entire Hawkeye Jones Golf basic swing program.

The fund raising group is more than welcome to sell their own items at a vendor stand and will not need to split any revenue from said stand with Hawkeye Jones Golf. Advertisement responsibilities of the event will be split between Hawkeye Jones Golf and the fundraising organization. Maximum capacity for the event is 100 participants. The minimum amount of participants is 10. The two day mini-camp will cost $500 per participant. (Many companies charge well over $3000 per participant for an event like this one)  So, if we can setup a fund raiser and we sell out the event, your organization can make $12500!!

11 Weeks to the Perfect Swing Discount & Guarantee

The 11 Weeks to the Perfect Swing Discount & Guarantee can be applied to Individual private lessons and Group private lessons. 

I made the statement that anyone can have the perfect golf swing under my tutelage in 11 weeks with a little elbow grease and I am putting my money where my mouth is. 

If a player or group commits to the full 11 week program, then he or she receives a 25% discount on the lesson prices. Full payment is due upon scheduling the first lesson. So, for individual private lessons it will be $75 per lesson for 11 lessons, which is $825. For a group of 11 golfers, the price will be $412.50 per lesson for the whole group and 11 lessons, which would come to a total of $4537.50, which is a total savings of $7562.50! (compared to 11 individuals paying for 11 one-time lessons). 

And here is the guarantee! I guarantee that if any player goes through my 11 week program without missing a lesson and participates to the fullest extent that he or she will have a perfect golf swing that will last them a life time. If a player can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he or she completed the program properly with an effort level of my satisfaction and has not obtained a flawless golf swing, then that player will be eligible for a full refund of their money for the 11 week program. Note - this money-back guarantee does not apply to any lessons other than the 11 Weeks to the Perfect Swing

Email me directly at hawkeyejonesgolf@gmail.com to set up a lesson or call 814 366 1078

Thank you for your time and good luck with your golf game,

R.J. Jones
Level I Certified RST Instructor