Stop Coming Over the Top in the Golf Swing and Slicing


You're well aware that slicing destroys your distance and your scorecard. What you may not be aware of is what really causes you to come over the top in the golf swing and slice and the 2 relatively simple steps to fix it. That's why you MUST watch this golf instruction video. Simply put, it's the best I've ever produced to teach you how to stop coming over the top in your golf swing!

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  • The slice is a common fault in golf, but is easily fixed with weight shift and using the left arm correctly
  • Many right handers allow the right arm to dominate the downswing, causing the club to come over the top
  • Pull with the left to naturally shallow out the swing plane
  • Getting a proper weight transfer also shallows out the path

The Over the Top Golf Swing

For golfers who have struggled with coming over the top in their golf swing, hitting a straight golf shot or a draw seems like voodoo magic. When you swing over the top in the golf swing, the club face is coming down on a steeper swing plane and this causes it to not want to naturally rotate to square the club face at impact, making the over the top slice worse.

The fix to coming over the top in the golf swing is to learn how to sequence your golf swing properly and learn how to use your left arm rather than being so dominant with your right. Yep, most tour players swing on plane because of these two things that you're NOT doing correctly in your golf swing now!

So, if you want to stop coming over the top, watch this online golf instruction video and learn the way to swing on plane!

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