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RotarySwing Learning System is step by step

Step by Step System

A systematic approach to learning the science based fundamentals of RST based on leading research in learning like that found in Dan Coyle's book, The Talent Code. Golf instruction of the past has been based on what the top player of that era does in his swing and the personal preference of the instructor. Often times, this equates to something as simple and off base as what the instructor has found works in his own swing. These flimsy principles of instruction have led to golfers' scores staying exactly the same over the past several decades, even with all the advances in technology.

The Rotary Swing is the opposite. We have looked at the golf swing from the inside out and how the muscles are designed to move, what position the joints need to be in to provide stability, power and safety and Newton's Laws of Physics. We don't care how the top player of the modern era swings, we base everything on medical fact and "Anatomical Absolutes", not personal preference and have a deep understanding of kinesiology and anatomy.

Who is the Model Golf Swing?

Well, fortunately, we do have several models that give us insight into anatomically correct movement who can be seen on your TV each week. Tiger Woods is the closest, and continues to get closer each year. However, even Tiger has inefficiencies in his golf swing that have caused him injury. That's why it is SO important to understand anatomy and movement in the golf swing, not just base your swing off any one player, no matter how good you think that player's swing may be.

More importantly than just having models to look at, however, is the fact that the Rotary Swing Tour Learning System teaches YOU exactly what to FEEL in your golf swing, not just what the club or body position should look like. Because everyone's body IS the same in terms of where the joints are located and how they move, and everyone has the exact same set of muscles with the same attachments to the skeleton, EVERYONE SHOULD MOVE EXACTLY THE SAME!

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finding balance in the golf swing

How Your Body is Designed to Move

Not only is RST safer for your body than any other swing, it's more powerful and consistent because it is built around an understanding of your body is designed to move. We brought in the top experts in orthopedic and neurosurgery as well as biomechanics to help develop RST.

Chuck Quinton is the original founder of the Rotary Swing. His obsession with golf swing mechanics led him down a path of 20 years of research, trial and error on both his own swing (he's a plus 3 handicap), the countless professional golfers he's worked with and the thousands of amateurs he's taught. But it isn't just his brainchild, he put togethera panel of advisors who were experts in their respective fields such as orthopedic surgery, biomechanists and learning experts to ensure that the model was 100% anatomically correct and the way the human body was actually intended to create the movements of the golf swing. To learn more about our team, click here.

More importantly, the Rotary Swing is not based on one person's views, personal bias or interpretation. Simply put, we looked at the human anatomy and asked ourselves, "If God were to come down and swing a club today and he was built like us, how would he move?" That premise led to us developing a very deep understanding of the muscles that are intended to create centered rotation around the spine, and that is what the Rotary Swing is all about.

How do I learn the Rotary Swing?

chuck quinton rotary swing founder at impactKnowing "what" to do in the golf swing is one thing. We believe that most of the better golf instructors at least understand what it is they want their students to do, but they don't tell them "HOW" to do it. We call this "intellectual" vs. "kinisthetic" knowledge. Intellectual knowledge is very important - it is vital that the student fully understand the task at hand. But it is ten times more important that he or she know exactly HOW to do it - that is the kinesthetic knowledge.

Let's use a typical example of teaching a golfer how to complete a proper takeaway. A non-certified Rotary Swing Tour instructor might tell his student to "put the club in this position" or even use a video of an elite player and tell the student to move the club to the same position as the better player. The position that we teach is likely not different than what another great instructor might teach, the difference is that we teach the student exactly HOW to get the club there by moving their body correctly. For the takeaway, you only need to glide the shoulder blade about 2" and there is a very specific muscle that you use to do it that all golfers can feel. That's it, 2" of shoulder blade movement and you will be in the exact same position as Tiger Woods and other great golfers. An RST instructor would teach you how to "feel" this muscle and get you to move it using the drills and exercises we've developed based on how the brain actually learns new movement patterns - or neuro-muscular re-education.


How does the website work?

chuck quinton rotary swing founder at impactThe website follows our "Hierarchy of Learning" that you can see on the left. We developed this hierarchy to help our students know how they should work on developing their golf swings and to understand that there is a proper sequence that must be adhered to during the learning process. For instance, it is completely useless to have the student work on their "Back to the Target", or top of the backswing position when they still can't shift their weight back to the left at impact. The golfer who still hangs back on his or her back foot at impact will continue to struggle with fat and thin shots, so we have that golfer master the "Weight Transfer" first, before moving on to the "Takeaway" and other moves.

The website is designed to take you through the same learning process as our students who attend our clinics (click for clinic info) or work with certified RST Instructors in person. We have dozens of videos that are organized both by the different phases of the swing as well as a "phased" learning approach. In other words, if you are just starting out, you will work through the "Phase 1" learning program, if you are an experienced player, you may start out on "Phase 2". And to make sure you are on the right track, you can take Online Lessons with a certified instructor.

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