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56 at Blackrock Golf Club, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Golfer: Chuck Q

Date: September 14, 2014

The Blackrock Member Pro tournament is my favorite event of the year as we have a truly awesome field of pros from Freddy Couples to Rich Beem who regularly play in the event. Rich was a member at Blackrock for many years and holds the course record and, like myself, gets to play one set of tees up from the tips as the member - so he's tough to beat! In 2014, I invited RST Instructor Craig Morrow to come up to be my pro, so he had to play the tips and like most two ball events, a certain number of tee shots must be used from each player.

With two holes left to play, we had a short par 3 and a drivable par 4 finishing hole that was very reachable for me from the Copper tees. I was playing pretty solid and probably 7 or 8 under on my own ball and I think we were about 10 or 11 under on the first day with two to play.

We still needed to use one of Craig's tee shots so as we stood on the par 3 I told him to just hit it on the green so we could use his tee shot and then I could drive the next hole.

Craig did just that hitting it to about 20 feet, so with a green light I took dead aim and thought I might as well just try and make it with Craig in good position.

Problem was, I DID make it! Obviously we had to use my tee shot for a 1 and my next drive didn't count - which I drove the green lol.

We ended up winning the two day event pretty handily, and more importantly, had a great time showing what RST can do together!

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