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79 at Leigh UK

Golfer: Paul H

Date: June 14, 2020

I play off 13 handicap but in recent years have struggled, I have been doing RST for six months. I always thought I was decent with my driver and 3 wood but poor with irons, Driver was about 220yds but my 7 iron was struggling to get past 130yd.

Played about a dozen rounds in last month, although Im still only at step 5 of the rst drills. The first thing i noticed was the improved distance with the driver I am now regularly hitting 260+

So last time out was the first time I ever broke 80 and this was after a poor first 3 holes. It felt like i was playing a different game and honestly if my chipping and putting would have been any good this would have been much better.

Thanks RST system and thanks Craig Morrow for your reviews and guidance.

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