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96 at Lingan Golf & Country Club

Golfer: Jason M

Date: June 28, 2020

I like statistics in this game, especially when approved on (of course) Three seasons ago, I bought a system for my clubs to record yardages. Depth perception is pretty tricky for me, it dramatically helped me chose the right club for the shot. That in itself help shaved about 10 strokes off the game but that’s scoring north of 110 most rounds. Actually end of season 2018, scored 95!
Enter Rotary Swing. Although a member in 2018, grabbing bits and pieces, 2019 season I started paying attention to posture, rotation and arms. 25 rounds for the season (work travel interference) average strikes were 108 per round. Yes, definitely not great on most measures, but for me there was a greater degree, more fluidity of shot accuracy and after each round I didn’t wake up in back pain. Hmmm, that’s an big eye opener. Let’s continue our education. Winter months -mirror practice. Covid-19 - a lot more mirror practice and tack on boot camp because I can! Season opens - let’s do this!
108, 105... STOP. Old swing, old habits. This has to stop. I’ve practiced too much to let this happen. Focus.
Round 3 - 96. Ok, using the new learned skills. Keep going with it. NJA, weight shift, use the legs, relaxed swing.

17 rounds into season - average strikes 99.8
Last 7/10 rounds - 97.8
The numbers I like. Still lots of work to do, much room for improvement of course, but there is a measured success here but become complacent at this point. Conclusion. You put the work in, the success will come on multiple levels. Rotary Swing has changed my thinking, the approach to the game, my development and outcomes. The education has been fun.

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