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78 at Legacy Golf Club, Phoenix AZ

Golfer: Les G

Date: July 3, 2020

I have been through too many teachers to count and they all contradicted themselves on how to swing a golf club…ugh.
I have been searching quite some time for something that makes sense and googled the best online golf training system and saw the Rotary Swing system. I was a bit skeptical but watched a few of the free videos and Chuck explained it so simply I had to give it a go!
I signed up, watched a few more videos and was worried about getting out on the course…afraid I would fall on my sword (I mean club) …lol. My handicap has been all over the board 15, 10, 16, 12, and currently I sit at an 11.8. During the round, I only focused on a few things Chuck said. Not that I did them the best, but I focused on the set up, axis tilt, hip going back pushing down on the trail leg, attempt the squat to square, then let er rip. Well I was pleasantly surprise at some of my shots. I felt more connected with effortless power (not all the time, for I still need to practice in the mirror more). I even birdied my nemesis par 3. 165 flag, hit 6 iron over the flag about 175yds into the up slope, rolled back, then sunk the 1 1/2 footer.
When I tallied up the score at the end, I had to recheck it. Well I must tell you; I broke 80 with just that little bit of knowledge watching Chuck’s videos. I shot a 78. Granted it was only 5958 total yards from the whites, but I will take it. I cannot wait to get as close as I can to perfecting the rotary swing.
Thanks, Chuck, for turning on the light bulb for me with the golf swing!

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