RotarySwing University Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

What you're doing isn't working unless you're already a scratch golfer. If you're not, and you'd like to be, read on - this is going to change your golf life!

To get the guarantee, you must submit swing reviews for each checkout point in the RotarySwing University Full Swing Course and have a Certified RST Instructor give you a passing grade. If you complete all 6 phases with a passing grade from our instructor team and you still feel that we didn’t improve your golf swing, we’ll give you every penny back you spent on your membership. With your membership, you get 6 FREE swing reviews ($96 value alone!) that are to be used for your "Checkouts" at each stage. If you use up all 6 before passing each phase, no problem, you can purchase more as needed for a small fee if you are NOT an RSA Member (RSA Members get them for free, click here to learn more about RSA Membership and to see if there any spots open at this time) or didn’t keep a continuous membership that started before January 1, 2017 (these members are grandfathered in and get 2 free swing reviews every month as long as they maintain their membership). The money back guarantee is only for your monthly subscription cost, it does not include RSA membership, clinics, in person lessons, online swing reviews, training aids or anything else. Lifetime guarantee is effective for all subscriptions started and payments made under pre-existing subscriptions after March 15, 2018. Previous subscriptions and payments before March 15, 2018 do not qualify.