A proper golf stance can give you 20 extra yards!


Did you know that a golf stance that is too wide can make it impossible to achieve your full distance off the tee with the driver??


One of the most common golf swing faults that beginning (and even advanced) golfers make is a golf stance that is too wide.

The simple reason why this robs you of power off the tee is that it makes it impossible to shift your pressure in the swing without swaying off the ball.

As I'm sure you know, a sway off the ball makes it very difficult to become consistent as your head is always moving around (if you struggle with a sway, watch this video).

Would you like to hit the ball longer and straighter with less effort as an extra benefit?

Good! Then having a proper stance width is a simple and quick fix that will allow you to not only have more power in your swing, but also become more consistent.

One of the primary keys to consistency in the golf swing is to have the fewest moving parts possible without sacrificing power and that's what RotarySwing is all about.


How do you know what the proper golf stance is?

Have you stayed up hours watching golf videos on YouTube trying to find that one golf tip that you believe will make you a great ball striker overnight?

If so, you've probably left more confused than anything else as there's so much conflicting information out there on the golf setup.

Golf is hard enough without being told different things by different instructors on the fundamentals of the swing.

RotarySwing takes all the guess work out of improving your golf swing because our fundamentals aren't based on opinion, they're based on science.

We've made it really simple for you to learn a fundamentally sound golf swing based on fact, not opinion and the following videos will cover everything you need to know about how and why RotarySwing teaches the golf stance the way we do.

Golf Instruction Videos on the Proper Golf Stance:

golf stance Golf Swing Stance – Does It Change For Different Golf Clubs?

You may be as athletically talented as the greatest to have played the game; you may be able and willing to spend countless hours on the practice range. But none of this will cut your handicap by a single shot unless you’re building on the solid foundation of a correct golf stance and posture.

Video Practice Points
  • How to get the correct stance width with every club in the bag, including the driver
  • The ideal golf stance for accurate iron shots
  • How to determine the low point of your swing arc

learn the proper golf stanceSwing Faults When Your Golf Stance is Too Wide

One of the most common problems with the golf setup, here's what happens to your golf swing when your stance is too wide.

Video Practice Points
  • Proper stance width is 2" outside of neutral hip alignment
  • A wider stance may feel powerful, but inhibits weight transfer
  • Check your right shoe at follow through - there should be virtually no weight on that leg, so the shoe should be straight at finish

learn the correct stance for golf Eliminating the Confusion About Stance Width

If you are confused about the correct stance width, you are not alone. Determining the proper stance width is one of those things in golf instruction that there’s a lot of conflicting information on.

Video Practice Points
  • Your golf stance width is determined by your anatomy NOT your club!
  • A wider stance can actually COST you power
  • You can move FASTER with a narrower stance and in golf, speed is the name of the game.

How to Find Success on the Greens with the Perfect Putting Stance

“Drive for show but putt for dough” is one of the oldest sayings in golf - and with good reason. Tour pros know only too well that it’s largely on the greens that tournaments are won and lost and prize money checks earned.

Video Practice Points
  • Learn the perfect stance for the putter
  • Learn the correct ball position in your putting setup
  • How to align your eyes to make more putts

Golf Swing Stance: Is Your Width Too Wide? | Long Drives | Tips 2022

If you struggle with swinging over the top, struggling with your weight shift, struggling to get the ball to come down on line and struggle to produce power in your golf swing, listen up ’cause it could be something as simple as just understanding how to set up to the ball correctly just with your stance width.

Video Practice Points
  • Learn your perfect stance width based on your anatomy
  • How to unlock your legs for effortless power
  • How your stance width affects your swing plane

Golf for Beginners – Easy Ways to Correct Your Stance Width

Stance width, it's an often discussed part of the golf swing fundamentals and a very confusing thing for beginners. As a beginning golfer, you should be focusing exclusively on the fundamentals of the golf swing and that's exactly what RST is all about.

Video Practice Points
  • Learn a key setup trick for beginner golfers
  • How wide is too wide
  • How narrow is too narrow


How'd you like to become the BEST ball striker at your club?

Most golfers slice because they're swinging over the top.

This steep swing plane makes it very difficult to square the face, and even if you did, you wouldn't like that shot either as that would lead to a big pull to the left.

So, to fix your slice, you must first fix your swing plane and path.

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So, how do you fix your over the top move?

Simple. You just need to feel one little thing different than what you're doing right now, and you'll instantly shallow out the club in the downswing.

The club will "drop into the slot" and release from the inside, which will create a very gentle baby draw that will give you more distance and boost your confidence when there is trouble right.

What's even more cool, the AXIOM will help you feel your natural rhythm and tempo for greater consistency.

Oh, and did I mention that it clears your mind of ALL swing thoughts?

How much better could you play if didn't have 5,000 swing tips rattling around in your head?

The AXIOM gives you ONE FEELING to focus on that will instantly get your swing on plane and your arms and body in perfect sync.

And it doesn't take weeks or months to learn... You can learn the AXIOM - the secret move of the pros - in just 10 minutes!

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