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The RotarySwing.com golf swing analyzer software is free to use for all Premium Members (learn more). You can learn how to analyze your golf swing by checking out this golf instruction video that shows you some common checkpoints for analyzing your golf swing.

There's no need to purchase your own golf swing analyzer software! RotarySwing's is not only fully functional, but allows you to actually record your own video analysis that you can refer back to later on!

This is a super powerful feature not offered by any other golf swing analyzer tools out there!

No more taking notes, just record an analysis of your golf swing with full voiceover capability, draw lines, etc. and refer back to it when you need to remember exactly what you felt or what you were working on in your golf swing at the time!

Get a Swing Review

If you enjoy working on and analyzing your golf swing, our golf swing analysis software will allow you to compare your swings against those of the pros and other RotarySwing Tour models!

But what's really cool is our software allows you to make recordings of your own swing analysis, just like you'd get from one of our professional golf instructor reviews which you can read more about below!

This nifty feature allows you to analyze and track your golf swing progress as you continue to work on your golf swing!

*Note - While you don't need a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to get a swing review, you will need it if you want to see all the recommended videos the instructor may prescribe.

Here's the simple process for getting your swing analyzed:

1. Record Your Golf Swing Videos

  • Basically any video camera will work (camera phones and most digital "still" cameras can record video these days)
  • You'll normally want 2 videos: "face on" and "down the line"
  • The only requirement: videos MUST be less than 30 seconds each

Additional Help / Tutorials:

2. Download Your Golf Swing Videos to Your Computer Then Upload Them to Our Site

  • Transfer the videos from your camera to your computer using a memory card or cable
  • Then go to the "Get a Review" page to start the upload and submit process
  • Click here for a very detailed tutorial on uploading and submitting

Additional Help / Tutorials:

3. Receive Your Video Golf Swing Analysis

In 1 or 2 business days, you'll be notified via email and get:

  • Video analysis, usually comparing you with a model RST Swing
  • List of videos that directly address your swing issues

Additional Help / Tutorials:

4. Practice and Improve Your Golf Swing!

  • Combine the golf instruction from your review with that in your recommended golf instruction videos and get to work improving your golf swing!
  • Be sure to practice based on how your brain learns best, which is what we cover in many of the RST Introduction videos

Additional Help / Tutorials:

5. Repeat Every 2 Weeks (or Get Unlimited Reviews!)