Golf Swing Tips for Beginners to quickly improve your consistency.


Are you a beginner golfer looking for some golf tips to help you stop embarrassing yourself in front of your friends?


Before and after golf swing

Being a new golfer can be both frustrating and intimidating.

There are millions of golf tips out there that make it very confusing as most tips contradict each other, leaving you to try and figure out which are good and which are junk.

When I first picked up a golf club over 3 decades ago, I struggled as a beggining golfer just like you.

But, after thousands of hours of study, I was able to test and prove which beginner golf tips you should listen to and which you need to ignore.

The first tip I will give you for free is don't try to cobble your golf swing together through random tips.

The golf swing must be learned in sequence for a begginner golfer or you will struggle your entire life with the most common faults such as casting the club, scooping, swinging over the top and slicing.

The most important step for a beginner golfer is to ignore random tips and look at the golf swing as a whole.

The golf swing is a cause and effect based self-contained eco-system. You input "A" and the output is predetermined to be "B,C, or D".

Looking at the golf swing this way makes it much simpler and easier to understand as everything has a logical order and sequence.


I just want to improve my golf swing FAST and right now!

I hear you! We all want to make fast improvements at the beginning stages of learning to swing the golf club.

Just because you want to improve fast doesn't mean you have to set yourself back years following random tips.

A golf tip taken in context of a complete swing learning and ball striking mastery system is what you need and that's what I'm going to share with you below.

These golf swing tips for beginners below will get your new golf swing started on the right track and ensure you build a powerful and consistent golf swing that will last a lifetime.

Beginner Golf Tip Instruction Videos

how to setup for beginning golfers Beginner Golf Setup Key - Axis Tilt

The last key piece to understand how to get setup properly is to get the proper amount of axis tilt at address. The hip bump in this video will help you do just that.

Video Practice Points
  • Axis tilt lets the right hand reach the club while maintaining good posture
  • Get into setup position, then bump your hips slightly forward, toward the target
  • Keep your head in place and drop your right shoulder

how to make a proper golf takeawayA Simple Way to Learn the Perfect Golf Takeaway

No one has made the golf swing takeaway easier to master than RotarySwing. A simple 2" shoulder blade glide is all it takes!

Video Practice Points
  • By following the RotarySwing takeaway, you will stop swaying and stay centered.
  • Move your body, not your arms
  • It's a glide, not a workout

5 minutes to the perfect golf backswing 5 Minutes to the Perfect Golf Backswing

Once you've mastered the takeaway using our "5 Minutes to the Perfect Takeaway" video, you're ready to begin the process of building the perfect top of the backswing position that even Tiger Woods would envy. Completing the backswing, in many ways, is simply continuing the movements that we did during the takeaway. In this instructional video, we'll introduce right elbow flexion, the position of the right elbow at the top and the internal rotation of the left arm (all for right handed golfers - if you're a lefty, simply switch right for left).

Video Practice Points
  • You must completely master the setup and takeaway before moving on to the backswing lesson
  • Extend your arms and raise them from belt-high to the bottom of your chest
  • At the top of the elevation, fold your right arm about 90°
  • Grab your left thumb in your right hand and repeat elevation & flexion
  • Once elevation & flexion are mastered, add in posture & rotation
  • Keep the elbow pit facing away and up, never toward you
  • When movement sequence is grooved add the club back in - hold it upside down at first
  • To put it all together, start in setup posture and go through the drills again
  • Next, start in setup and move to the top of the swing in a single motion, first with the club upside down, then held normally

golf transition tip for beginning golfers The Golf Swing Transition Made Simple for Beginners

The DEAD Drill transition is DEAD simple. One move to have a powerful and dynamic transition in your golf swing.

Video Practice Points
  • The transition is a move that happens very quickly in the golf swing
  • You lead with your lead side (left for righties)
  • Shift, plant, post

For more golf swing tips for beginners and beyond visit the RotarySwing Youtube channel.


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Golf swing tips for beginners

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How to swing a golf club for beginners

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