How to swing a golf club for beginner golfers.


If you are trying to learn how to swing a golf club then it is CRITICAL you read this page!


Learning to swing the club the wrong way is way more risky than you realize.

The reality is, the tips and tricks you are probably learning right now are setting you down a path to eternal golf frustration.

If you don't want to end up in golf swing purgatory, then learning these proper, simple fundamentals will be the difference between you not only struggling with your golf swing, but getting injured in the process.

Even the best players in the world get injured by the instruction they receive.

In fact, 81% of the PGA Tour players will suffer a golf swing related injury at some point in their career!

What you will learn on this page is not just how to avoid this fate of constant and chronic golf swing pain, but also how to become a powerful and consistent ball striker.


So, How Do You Swing a Golf Club?

It starts with the golf stance. A stance that is too wide or too narrow is equally harmful, so make sure your stance width is correct first.

From there, you need a correct golf grip. The grip is like tires on a race car - it's the only thing making direct contact with the club and is critically important - but also simple to get right.

Now, we're ready to start talking about the actual swinging motion of the golf club, and below are all the videos you need to become a ball striking master!

Golf Instruction Videos on How to Swing a Golf Club:

how to swing a golf club for beginners Golf for Beginners: How To Swing a Golf Club? (Super Simple)

If you’re new to the wonderfully challenging game of golf, you’re probably wondering how pro golfers like myself hit the golf ball the way we do. Learning how to swing a golf club is a process that takes practice and diligence, but the rewards are well worth it if you stay the course.

Video Practice Points
  • Beware of right side dominance at setup
  • Learn this simple key for a perfect golf takeaway
  • The transition will make or break your swing

how to fix your golf swingHow to Fix Your Entire Golf Swing in One Hour

This golf instruction video will show you just powerful and effective the RotarySwing system is. You will watch a live transformation in real time of a golfer just like you who completely transforms his golf swing in just 60 minutes.

Video Practice Points
  • Follow the learning system in sequence for the fastest results
  • You don't have to swing hard, you have to have proper sequencing
  • When done correctly, the swing is smooth and effortless.

Learn the Perfect Golf Takeaway

When learning how to swing the golf club, the first step is mastering the takeaway. With RotarySwing, the takeaway is literally boiled down to just one simple movement!

Video Practice Points
  • The takeaway is critical for learning a proper golf swing
  • With RotarySwing, you can focus on just one movement for the entire takeaway
  • Your focus is on moving the club with the body, not your arms and hands

Master the Backswing

Once you've mastered the takeaway, completing the golf backswing is your next step. With RotarySwing, all you need to do is focus on rotating your body.

Video Practice Points
  • Remember, big body turn, tiny little arm swing
  • Your arms will feel like they barely moved
  • REF - Rotation, Elevation, Flexion

The Downswing Made Simple for Beginner Golfers

The golf downswing is simple when you learn the correct fundamentals. Most golfers flail at the ball with their arms, but this leads to a lack of power and inconsistency. RotarySwing will teach you how to be consistent by focusing on a few simple body movements for maximum power and consistency.

Video Practice Points
  • You must shift your pressure back to your lead leg first
  • You rotate your hips, not your shoulders
  • Post up for a powerful release


How'd you like to become the BEST ball striker at your club?

Most golfers slice because they're swinging over the top.

This steep swing plane makes it very difficult to square the face, and even if you did, you wouldn't like that shot either as that would lead to a big pull to the left.

So, to fix your slice, you must first fix your swing plane and path.

And with the AXIOM, that's a piece of cake!

What's so cool and unique about the AXIOM is that it literally fixes ANY issue you have in your swing, not just swinging over the top, but casting, fat shots, inconsistency and more!


This is what the pros do...

And best of all, you don't have to just take my word for it, you'll be able to see this very same motion in the guys and gals you see on TV each week once you no what to look for!

So, how do you fix your over the top move?

Simple. You just need to feel one little thing different than what you're doing right now, and you'll instantly shallow out the club in the downswing.

The club will "drop into the slot" and release from the inside, which will create a very gentle baby draw that will give you more distance and boost your confidence when there is trouble right.

What's even more cool, the AXIOM will help you feel your natural rhythm and tempo for greater consistency.

Oh, and did I mention that it clears your mind of ALL swing thoughts?

How much better could you play if didn't have 5,000 swing tips rattling around in your head?

The AXIOM gives you ONE FEELING to focus on that will instantly get your swing on plane and your arms and body in perfect sync.

And it doesn't take weeks or months to learn... You can learn the AXIOM - the secret move of the pros - in just 10 minutes!

How much do you have to pay to immediately stop swinging over the top, increase your distance, stop casting the club, have perfect rhythm and tempo and clear your mind of all swing thoughts?




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But now you can see my swing leads to a very gentle draw, with tremendous power and no effort!

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It's free, so the only thing you have to lose is your ugly slice!



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