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Published: March 29, 2022

Ready to learn how to swing a golf club the right way? It starts with the takeaway.

Does this look like your takeaway? This is a death move in the golf swing, and it's always caused by the same thing. We just talked about pushing versus pulling during the takeaway most golfers who struggle with this move and get in the club, go inside. They also tend to have their head move off the ball, and it's all caused by pushing from the left side during the back swing. If I take my left side and push my left arm across my chest, the club goes inside, my head moves off the ball, and now I've got to take away that I've got to try and work really hard to recover from. It's very difficult to play consistent golf from back there, but what would happen instead of pushing if I pooled now, what side do I have to pull with? Well, of course, during the backswing, it's only the right side.

So as I take my right side and I take my right shoulder and pull it back behind my head and don't move my arms at all, look what happens to the club. Hey, it's a perfect takeaway. I didn't do anything other than move my shoulder blade that far you can worry about trying to move the club. Six, eight feet back behind you at full speed. You can't see what's going on. You're worried about hitting the ball and try to be consistent that way. Or you can learn to move two inches and that will move the club six to eight feet without you doing anything. Which do you think you're going to be more consistent with moving two inches or moving the club six or eight feet? Well, of course the answer is learning how to move two inches. The whole secret to rotary swing apart from this concept of pushing versus pulling is learning how to move from the inside out your body dictates what that club is going to do, your brain and your muscles move that golf club.

And so what you should focus on is the stuff that's moving on the inside first. And that during the takeaway, all you need to focus on is two inches of shoulder blade movement. You're going to take your right shoulder blade and pull it in towards your spine. A couple inches and look at how much I'm turning. I'm moving my shoulder blade two inches that moves my shoulder, six to eight inches that moves my hands a couple of feet, which in turn moves the club eight feet. I'm moving two inches. The club goes eight feet, which is going to be a better payoff. Obviously, all I want to do is learn how to move as little as humanly possible. And that's exactly what rotary swing does. We teach you how to move the smallest, moving parts humanly possible, the most efficient way to move, to get that club to go where you want. And we simplify the swing dramatically. So all you need to do to worry about getting a perfect takeaway, two inches of shoulder blade movement, which we'll learn more as you enroll at rotary swing. But first I want to show you a quick preview of another video that talks more about this and illustrates how much the head tends to move. When you start pushing instead of pulling,

If you recall, in the very first video of this series, I talked about the concept that physics concept of pushing versus pulling and how all movement is a push or a pool. When it comes to the golf swing, as we've gone through video series, it's a critical concept that you understand pushing versus pulling. And that applies right for the first foot that you move the club off the ball. And we're going to talk about the takeaway with that. So I have my assistant here, Chris, and I'm going to have him hold this club against his shoulders, and I'm going to have him just stand there without doing anything. And I'm going to move him around. I'm going to be his force of movement as we talked about in the first video. So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to push him from either side.

So as I push him, hope don't fall too far off of it. I'm going to push him off here. And then I'm going to push him from this side. And you're going to notice that his head is going to tend to want to move around. Now, watch what happens when I pull from the other side. Now, when I pull and notice how his head stays really centered and he's not moving around much at all, this concept is critical because as I pool I'm towing, I'm beginning to move towards center toward a fixed point. Now, when you push something, where does it move? A push can move in any direction or away from center. It's always moving away from the force of movement and a pulling motion is moving toward the force of movement. So if you remember my little toy truck I had at the very beginning of the first video, that concept is applicable here in the takeaway. If I get Chris to pull, pull his right shoulder back and in towards his spine, it's going to get the club to move out away in the right direction, in the right spot every single time. So Chris, go ahead and get in a setup position here.

And all I want

You to do is focus on taking that right shoulder back and pulling it back as you take the club back. So notice as he does that, the club goes right into the right spot. Now let's turn down the line and let's do the same thing and all again, I don't want you to do anything, but just focus on pulling your right shoulder back as you take the club back. And as he does that, and let's just keep doing this back and forth, just focus on pulling the right shoulder back, not moving his arms or club or hands or anything at all. It was just moving his right shoulder. The club goes into the exact same spot. Thank you. Every single time. This is a critical concept. If you want to stay centered in your takeaway and get the club to go in the same spot every time, all you really need to understand is, again, this concept of pushing versus

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