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RST Instructor Certification

You can locate the eBook under Member Tools

Be sure you've followed all of these requirements:

  1. Before making the purchase, you must be logged into the site.
  2. You agree to not copy or distribute the manual in any shape or form.
  3. You will not be able to print the manual for offline reading.

If you still can't access it, please Contact Us Here.

Others have received credit for successfully passing the RST Certification Level 1 exam; so, yes, you may get credit.  But you'll need to discuss the matter with the PGA.

No. Prior instructional certifications and experience are not required; though, either or both may help you pass the rigorous RST Certification exams.

Here's the simple process for Level 1 Certification:

For all the details, please visit this page.

This is what's needed to pass the exam and become fully Level 1 RST Certified:


While passing the Level 1 exam is a tremendous feat, it is not enough to earn full RST Certified status.

You must also meet all the requirements on this page, including being current on your instructor listing fees.

No, we have a strict privacy policy that states we won't share or sell our members' information to others. 

However, if you'd like for us to send an email to members in a specified state on your behalf, please contact us.

No. The exam has not changed since the 2nd edition went to print. 

Neither edition will give you an advantage in passing the exam.

These are the only differences between the 1st edition and 2nd edition of the RST Instructor Certification Manual - Level 1:

  • 2nd edition has color photos
  • 2nd edition was tweaked to clarify a few points in the text

No, the eBook version of the RST Instructor Certification Manual - Level 1 requires an internet connection to view.

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