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Two reasons:

  1. We'll teach you HOW TO MOVE. We don't just tell you to put the club in a certain position. You'll learn the simple movements that get it there, and they're all based on the most biomechanically safe and efficient movements possible.
  2. We'll teach you HOW TO INGRAIN THOSE MOVEMENTS. "Go practice" doesn't cut it here. You'll learn what drills to do, how to do them, and how many you'll likely need to perform. This entire learning process is based on the biology of your brain.

No one has ever taught the golf swing this way. Why not? Most instructors don't know this stuff, and they'd rather tell you what you want to hear ("Fix your swing in a weekend", "This one secret will fix everything," etc.).

We just tell you what you need to hear to improve your game. You may not like it, but it's the truth.

We absolutely hate fads, gimmicks, and quick fixes. In fact, we are the opposite of that. Our instruction is based on how your body was designed to move safely and efficiently and how your brain learns new movements (i.e. swing changes). Could anything be less of a fad or gimmick?

If you expect to fix your swing overnight or "in a weekend" as many golf magazines promise, RotarySwing.com isn't for you until you realize that nothing you learn to do well in life happens that fast. And with the golf swing, it's a biological fact you can't ingrain a swing change with less than 3,000 perfect repetitions.

However, it is possible to start playing better quickly if you consciously can improve one area of your swing. Just don't be fooled into thinking you've got that piece fixed for good until you've done it properly 3,000 to 5,000 times.

You're not alone on this journey! There are several ways you can get help as you progress through the videos:

Unlimited Reviews: A premium service that provides you with unlimited assistance from a Certified Instructor.

We appreciate and share your skepticism of a lot of businesses on the web these days. We're for real and maybe some of these things will help prove it:

  • First, I literally started this entire industry. Before RotarySwing.com started in January 2005, there were no online golf instruction membership websites! We've been doing this longer than anyone in the world - literally!
  • Many of our students are well recognized leaders in their professions. Check out our Testimonials pages to see a few of these high profile folks. You can even check out the websites for several of them.
  • We've also captured several of our students in video testimonials so you can see real people who use the website and have improved their play.
  • You can see Chuck Quinton in a ton of videos on YouTube and over 2 hours for free right here.
  • Check out our Contact Us page and feel free to call or email us. (Please do; we love hearing from our visitors!) That page also provides our mailing address and the location of our Rotary Swing Golf Academy just outside of Orlando, Florida.

Here are a few things to consider to help you decide that:

  • Most importantly -- It won't cost you anything if it doesn't improve your swing! We have a lifetime no-risk guarantee. If you follow our program and don't improve your swing, simply Contact Us Here for a full refund. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Check out our Testimonials pages to see how much others have benefited
  • Compare the amount of instruction and cost of various forms of instruction...
    Typical In-person Lesson...............1 hr.....$100
    Typical Instruction DVDs...............3 hrs....$75
    RotarySwing.com Premium.....70+ hrs...$47 /mo

Well, there's a first time you heard of anything great, right?

Plus, we have spent so much time putting out 20+ hours of videos, publishing hundreds of articles, giving tons of lessons and clinics, etc. that we haven't had much time to market or promote ourselves.

Most of our business has come through referrals from our students, but more and more people are telling us we need to get the word out so people know there's a "fad-free" option for golf instruction. Therefore, you can probably expect to see a few ads here and there soon.

Chuck has taught and researched the golf swing for more than 30 years, has helped more than 30,000 players during that time, and most of his students travel from around the U.S. (and the globe) to work with him.

Chuck has also developed the RST Instructor Certification program, which certifies other instructors to teach his Rotary Swing Tour system.

Given such success without it and because the PGA program focuses primarily on running golf facilities and less on actual instruction, Chuck has chosen not to pursue PGA Certification. Many PGA instructors have commented that Chuck's research and instruction far exceeds what is taught in the PGA program.

Chuck has taught dozens of PGA Tour and other professional players in the past and continues to work with numerous pros on a variety of tours (Web.com, Canadian, National Golf Association Pro Golf Tour, etc.).

Right now, he prefers having a more flexible schedule than what is required of instructors for PGA Tour players. Though this may take away from his marketing and PR presence, Chuck is much more concerned with helping as many players as possible through this website.

He also feels strongly that while pros benefit from using his methods to simplify their swings, amateurs can benefit even more because of his focus on how to move and how to learn. Those are two concepts most top-level players need less assistance with than typical amateurs.

Both learning tools are good for different situations, but we believe online learning is superior for a number of reasons:

  1. You get personal, individualized instruction from Certified Instructors on our website, but a DVD leaves you without an easy way to get personalized attention.
  2. We can offer 20 hours of videos; DVDs can't hold that much footage.
  3. We update our video library each month. DVDs never change after you buy them.
  4. Our website includes a slow motion swing analyzer, which DVDs cannot offer.
  5. Our videos can be watched on iPhones and other mobile devices.
  6. Online learning is interactive. You can bookmark your favorite videos, save notes to your videos, track your progress, read associated articles, and communicate with others via our Golf Forum, Blog, Unlimited Reviews, etc.

Absolutely not! Most testimonials are totally unsolicited and just come from satisfied members.

In some cases, we do ask people to share their thoughts if they're happy with the instruction and results.

If you haven't seen them, be sure to check them out here; there are more than 1800!!

Chuck doesn't have an instructor, he teaches himself and using his own swing as a "guinea pig" for his ideas and theories. In doing so, he has built a world class swing that allows him to maintain a "plus" handicap for over two decades without having to hit balls all the time to maintain his swing. He can take months away from the game and step up to the first tee and still shoot par without having to practice! He works on his own game primarily with video analysis.

He developed the RST with the input and help of several people in various disciplines.

Check this link to find a Certified instructor in your area.

Absolutely not! Unfortunately, there's a myth that as people age they aren't flexible or strong enough to swing well. On the other end of the spectrum, a lot of younger people tend to think they can't play well because they have little natural athletic ability.

The truth is that people who are more flexible, stronger, or more athletic may have some advantages when it comes to playing at a very high level. But almost anyone can have the long game of a low handicap player. The key is in being taught how to move your body and how to ingrain those movements.

Check out our Student Before and Afters and Testimonials to see some pics of and reviews from players of all ages.

Not at all. Chuck Quinton's in-depth understanding of all the "scientific stuff" allows him to explain complex concepts as simply as possible, with no ambiguity. Some people get scared when a muscle or part of the body is mentioned, but it should be just the opposite.

For example, would you prefer to be told to "make a full shoulder turn" and then struggle for days and weeks (perhaps years) trying to figure out "how" to do this, or would you like to spend 2 minutes learning the primary parts of your body that create this rotation and immediately be able to make a full 90-degree turn?

That's one of the major advantages we offer.

The absolute best way is to submit videos of your swing for review immediately after joining. A Certified RST Instructor will then tell you exactly what you need to work on. 

After working on that for 2 weeks, submit for your next free review and again work on what's recommended.

If you can't submit videos for review for some reason, we suggest that you go through the videos in order, from the Introduction through the Follow Through. This will take you through the hierarchy of learning the golf swing and make sure you don't skip any key steps.

As you go through, you'll learn the simple moves of the swing and be given drills to help you understand the feeling of using the proper muscles and to ingrain the movements into your swing.

It's important to know that each piece of the swing takes time to change, you need to have razor-sharp focus on what you're doing, and the phases of the swing build on each other. You can play better immediately, but don't move on to the next step until you are sure the prior one is ingrained.

Any time you've got questions as you are progressing through the videos, use the Discussion feature under each RST video or jump on our Golf Forum and ask for some advice. Or better yet, join an Unlimited Reviews.

The offseason's generally the BEST time to learn!

The most efficient way to begin making swing changes is to focus on the specific movements in slow motion, in front of a mirror, and without a ball (sometimes even without a club).

Nice weather just tempts you to go outside and beat range balls, which can actually be counter-productive!

No way; we don't want to restrict you.

As long as you are a Premium Member, you can watch any of our videos as many times as you want.

We have hundreds of Premium videos that you can watch 100 times each if you'd like; there's no limit!

In the summer, there's always something coming up where you must play well "right now." A lot of times this can be detrimental to swing changes because you'll revert back to old habits.

That is precisely why winter's the best time to change your swing forever. Your body will only know proper movements.

So by practicing in your garage or living room, you're training your body to make the same movements it will need to make on the course. Only this time, you can ingrain these movements without being forced into your old habits.

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