Moe Norman Swing Analysis: Single Plane Golf Swing

RST Golf Instruction By: Chuck Quinton, Master Instructor • FULL BIO

Here's a fun golf challenge for you:

  1. Get a hula-hoop.
  2. Set the hula-hoop down in a fairway.
  3. Walk back 230 yards from the hula-hoop.
  4. Hit 5 balls.
  5. Try to get 2 of the balls to finish in the hoop.

It sounds crazy, but legendary golfer Moe Norman could do that according to one of the many stories about him.

Norman's machine-like accuracy will probably never be matched.

In the Moe Norman golf swing analysis video below, you'll find out what I believe is the real secret to his ball striking.

I'll also show you what to take from Norman's single plane golf swing and what you should stay away from.

Check out the video now and learn from one of the best ball strikers ever!

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