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Published: January 20, 2018

 If you listen to the pundits on T.V. you'll hear some pretty interesting things that, to be honest with you, are pretty terrible advice for golf. One of those, and I hear it all the time on T.V., is "Oh, well he holds the club face square to the path longer than anybody else out there." I got a little secret for you. Nobody does that unless they want to hit a big slice. The reality is, is that the club face is always, always rotating throughout the entire golf swing. You never, ever, ever, try to hold the club face square. And there's some golf instruction methods out there that are even talking about holding the club face square going back, and square going through. That's crazy and it cost you a ton of speed. How much speed? About eight miles an hour. 
                    So if you have tons of club head speed to burn and you don't care about losing eight miles an hour, go ahead and stop this video now because I'm not going to be able to help you. But if you actually want that seven or eight miles an hour club head speed, and you want to hit the ball further than ever with less effort and straighter than ever, listen up because I'm going to show you the reality of what's going on, on the golf swing. When you look at the way the golf club is designed, whoever came up with this, I guess it was the Scots back in whatever 1700s, over a bunch of scotch I'm certain, they said, "Hey somehow we figured out that we're going to put the shaft in the heel of the golf club instead of the center of the face or the toe." I don't know how they came up with that. 
                    Again, I'm certain it involved a lot of alcohol, but when they did it they were pretty darn brilliant, because the reality is they made this a two lever tool. You've got the club to work like a lever like this. Think of just like swing and a hammer, hitting a nail with a hammer. That's a ton of potential energy there. And then it's also this. We have two levers in the golf swing when it comes to the club. It was designed to do this. It's just like, think of like a center shafted putter. There's center shafted putters designed to not rotate going back and going through. However, the golf club being swung on an incline plane, needs to allow the toe to rotate around the heel. And they said, "Hey let's put this shaft in the heel of the club." And now it's designed to rotate around the hozzle. 
                    When you try and hold the club face square, all you're doing is taking out a lever out of your swing. Leverage is the most important part of the golf swing. It's what allows the club to accelerate radically from just a few feet away from the ball to a great speed with no effort. It's unleashing that lever in your swing, both levers, not just the angle of your wrist, the lag, but also the rotational lever that allows you to hit the ball further with less effort. So when you're taking the club back when you're practicing, you need to allow the club to rotate going back all the way to the top, and start rotating coming down, and rotate coming through. When you look at the high speed video, go on YouTube and look at all the high speed pros, or high speed videos showing the club face coming through the hitting area, it's coming at open, open, open, square closed, closed, closed. 
                    It's never, ever staying open unless you wack it off the toe, which opens the face, or somebody's trying to hit a big cut and take off a ton of speed. That rotational force is good for about seven to eight miles an hour of club head speed, free speed in the center of the face. So if this makes sense to you and you want that or eight miles an hour, you want to learn how to hit the ball further, take a look at this bonus video. Click the iScreen, the little iCard you see up on the corner of link in the description, it will take you to videos that's going to talk more about leverage in the golf swing and learn how to hit the ball further than you've ever thought humanly possible by using science to your advantage.

free online golf lessons

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