Ernie Els Golf Swing Analysis: Fix Your Turn & Impact

Were you shocked to see The Big Easy win his second Open Championship?  I sure was.

It's now clear that Ernie Els still has what it takes. He may not have picture perfect technique, but he does find ways get into great positions.

ernie els golf swing analysis takeawayThis looks ideal...but it's not!

Ernie’s swing is a testament to what solid fundamentals and a great tempo can do for your golf game.

Have you been struggling with making a good shoulder turn?

You might be surprised to find out that your wrist cock could be the problem.

Learn what Ernie does to correct for this that most golfers don't. This could very well get you more rotation.

Do you sway, hit it thin, or take little or no divot at all?

If so, find out how you can give yourself a better chance at crisp, clean contact by fixing your stance width.

I have always been an Ernie Els fan. He is cool under pressure and never gives up.

Watch the review below now because you can learn how to build a rock solid game just like the Big Easy!

How You Can Turn Like Ernie & Improve Impact

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