Golf Body Rotation in Backswing: Get Torqued for Distance!

Want to Learn One Drill that will Teach You All 10 Consistency Keys of the Pros?

drill for proper golf body rotationIt's simple to learn proper body rotation in golf!

If you want to power up your swing in golf, body rotation in the backswing is crucial.

Unfortunately, you likely struggle to rotate your shoulders separately from your hips.

It's this separation that creates all the torque you see with the Tour pros.

In this video, you can find out just how simple it is to get this separation and pick up distance!

You’ll immediately start to feel how your core muscles get torqued as you go back.

The best part is you'll get a drill you can perform just about anywhere.

Watch this video now to see how this simple drill will increase your power!


Checkpoints for Practice

  • Rotation Drill:
  • Sit in Edge of Chair with Spine in Good Posture
  • Rotate Your Chest Without Moving Your Hips
  • Practice Separation Between the Hips and The Shoulders

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