Lexi Thompson's Golf Swing: A Great Example of Downswing "Separation"

Lexi Thompson golf swing analysisBig hitting Lexi Thompson.

If you've ever wondered what good upper body-lower body "separation" looks like or how to achieve it, this analysis of Lexi Thompson's golf swing may be just what your swing needs.

As you likely know, Thompson recently became the youngest winner ever on the LPGA Tour.

She also averaged over 275 yards per drive for the week, which would easily place her among the longest hitters on the Tour.

To pick up some extra yards of your own, you should pay great attention to Thompson's transition move, which you can see in the pictures (and full video analysis) below.

Lexi Thompson golf swing transitionHer shoulders haven't moved, but her hips and left knee clearly indicate she initiated her downswing with her lower body, producing a powerful coil in her midsection.

The images make it clear that she does a great job demonstrating the RST principle of starting the downswing with the lower body and keeping the shoulders quiet.

This is the separation all long-hitting pros create and what you should strive for in the RST.

Check out the video below to get some tips on how you can incorporate this move into your own swing while also learning which of Thompson's moves you'll want to avoid.

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