Na Yeon Choi's Golf Swing & How to Avoid Losing Your Lag

You've been asking for it; so, I thought now would be a great time to do an LPGA player's swing review.

And what a swing we have to start with!

You're going to see some great moves, but also one move that can absolutely destroy your lag.

na yeon choi and tiger woods golf swing lagNa Yeon Choi (left) has a very good swing, but notice how much more lag Tiger (right) has retained. The video below explains how you can be more like Tiger.

Na Yeon Choi is just off her victory in the US Women's Open. She is part of a wave of dominant South Korean Golfers on the LPGA Tour.

Why have the South Korean women been so popular when it's time to hand out the trophies?

Their recipe for success is the same as RST's:

You must first obtain great fundamentals, then you can put them to use.

I was impressed with Choi's nearly flawless setup and beautiful takeaway.

If you would like to learn how to get into the perfect top of the backswing position, you will want to see this video.

Of course, not all of her moves are perfect. I'll discuss a few ways she can increase lag and gain power.

And you'll love the side-by-side comparison of her downswing with Tiger's.

So, watch this video now because you'll find out even more secrets to lag than we have ever revealed for free before!

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