Natalie Gulbis Golf Swing Analysis: Extreme Positions to Avoid

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Natalie Gulbis backswingYou should avoid this extreme position.

Even if you don't follow the LPGA Tour, you're likely familiar with Natalie Gulbis.

She's become one of the most popular players in the game, and you can learn a ton from her golf swing.

The analysis video below highlights a couple of aspects you should strive for:

  • The position of her right elbow at address and
  • How passive her shoulders are when starting down.

However, what really demands your attention are the extreme positions she gets into at the very top of her swing and in her follow through.

Check out the video below now to see these positions and find out what problems they might cause for your swing...and your back!

How to Avoid Gulbis' Extreme Positions

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