The Proper Golf Swing Plane: How to Analyze Your Swing

tiger woods swing planeTiger Woods' swing plane is great!

Ever wonder how your swing plane stacks up against the pros?

Pros can be wildly off plane at times (I'm looking at you, Furyk!), yet still find a way to get back on the proper golf swing plane.

So let’s take a look at what you need to know about your swing plane. 

In this video, you'll see the swing planes of Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, and Keegan Bradley, plus I’ll also show you how to measure your own plane.

You’ll find out:

  • How to deal with being off plane,
  • Where to draw the swing plane line when analyzing your own swing, and
  • How to position your camera correctly for an accurate swing plane analysis.

BONUS: I explain the forces on your club that cause shaft bend in your downswing, such as the “club head droop.”

Check out this video now to find out how to measure your swing plane and focus on what really matters!


Checkpoints for Practice

  • Swing Plane is Measured Using "Elbow Plane"
  • Elbow Plane: Line Drawn From Hosel of Club Through Elbow at Address
  • Club Remains Parallel to Line Throughout Swing
  • Perfectly On Line Through Impact

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