Rory McIlroy vs. Charl Schwartzel Swing Analysis

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Published: February 17, 2014

People have stopped me ever since the 2011 US Open ended and asked, "Is Rory's swing really perfect like they say it is?  The announcers said it is THE perfect golf swing."

Interestingly, I was asked the same question after the Masters that same year about Charl Schwartzel's swing. 

From the end of the takeaway onward, these two swings could hardly be more different.  Both are very good, however.  Very good indeed. 

Charl Schwartzel and Rory McIlroy backswingIn the video below, you'll learn how these dramatically different top of swing positions (Schwartzel—left, McIlroy—right) lead to equally dramatic differences in their downswings.

So, Whose Swing Is Better?

I heard a Sports Talk Radio guy say, "Charl's swing was perfect.  But, Rory's is more perfect."  Ok.  Chalk up one more reason why mainstream golf information is a confused mess.

In the video analysis at the bottom of this page, we'll clear up that mess and look at how well they match up with Chuck Quinton's swing models taught on this site.

Rory's Far from an RST Model...

One quick look at Rory McIlroy at impact tells us that his swing is quite a bit different from the Rotary Swing Tour (RST) concept

Rory McIlroy impact positionRory McIlroy's impact position differs significantly from the RST model. Watch the video below to learn how he deviates and why.

Many will find his open shoulders and bent right arm reminiscent of the original Rotary Swing (RS1), and with good reason.  Rory has a high-performance model RS1-type swing in many respects. 

Note: To switch between RST and RS1 instructional videos in your Video Player Learning System, simply use the "Instruction Preferences" page from your Member Tools menu (top right of this page).

...But Schwartzel's Pretty Close to the RST

On the other hand, 2011 Masters Champion Charl Schwartzel displays many RST attributes in his swing

The contrast between the swing styles of the these 2011 Majors champions is quite dramatic.  In the video analysis below, I highlight the significant differences between the two. 

More importantly to the RST student, I highlight how depth of backswing is a determinant for much of what follows in the downswing

This key swing characteristic is often a learning hurdle for the developing RST student. Understanding the role of depth in the swing and why it is important to the downswing is a key element in understanding why the transition is structured the way it is. 

If you're an RST student, the video below will help your understanding of why you may struggle in the early downswing. 


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