Sergio Garcia Golf Swing Analysis: Keys to More Lag

sergio garcia golf swing lagSergio's legendary lag...find out if you should strive for this.

If you've ever done any research on lag, you've surely watched Sergio Garcia’s golf swing.

After all, Sergio's most likely the most famous lag player of all time.

So, what are his secrets to lag? Or better yet, how much lag does Sergio Garcia really have?

Check out the video below because the answers to these questions may surprise you. 

But that's not all you'll find out.  

If you've been struggling with inconsistent impact due to a reverse pivot, you need to know about a key move in Sergio’s backswing that may be throwing off your ball striking.

Since the spine is essentially the axis of your golf swing, avoiding a reverse pivot starts with a great setup and the proper amount of axis tilt.

From there you just need to make one simple move (hint: it involves the right shoulder), and you can become the most consistent player in your foursome.  

If you want more lag in your golf swing, or your reverse pivot has given you all you can handle, watch this video and start beating your friends for good!

Increase Your Lag & Avoid the Reverse Pivot

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