Your 2 Missing Pieces to Stop Blocked Golf Shots

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Published: February 17, 2014

forward shaft lean and blocks in golfStop blocking the ball; compress it instead!

If you want to compress the ball for explosive distance, then you need forward shaft lean at impact.

But when working on forward shaft lean, don't be discourged if you start blocking shots right.

You're close to your goal. You just need the 2 missing pieces to forward shaft lean.

So, in this video, you'll find out:

  • What's causing your weak blocks.
  • What you need to work on that will allow you to hit pure shots with plenty of distance.

Fixing these issues will help you strike the ball dead straight over and over again.

Check out this video now to find out how to get forward shaft lean the right way for more compressed golf shots!


Checkpoints for Practice

  • As Forward Shaft Lean Increases so Does the Need For Face Rotation
  • Hands in Front of Ball at Impact
  • Wrists Rotate Counter Clockwise to Square Face
  • Imagine Turning Doorknob to the Left

free online golf lessons

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