Webb Simpson Golf Swing Analysis: Keys to Your Consistency

You probably don't dream of hitting the ball like Webb Simpson.

Find out why you should strive for this lower body position.

He's not flashy or overpowering like Tiger, Phil, or Bubba.

But he had quietly become one of the best players on Tour before his come-from-behind win at the 2012 U.S. Open really put him on the map.

Now that he's got our attention, it's time to appreciate and learn from some subtle components of his swing that can really improve your golf swing's consistency.

Simpson does a fantastic job avoiding all these typical problems you may struggle with:

  • A weak hip sway in the backswing.
  • The deadly reverse pivot.
  • Hips that spin out of control on the downswing.

Check out the video now because you'll find out how he conquers these issues PLUS a powerful move he (and you!) ought to try out...

Video: Webb Simpson Golf Swing Analysis

(Note: Click anywhere on the video below to play it)

How You Can Ingrain Simpson's Best Moves

This site has a TON of resources that show you exactly how to ingrain Simpson's safe and efficient moves so you can find more fairways and greens.

Here are just a few you need to check out to begin amping up your consistency:


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